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By | May 6th, 2020

What’s your #ColorAttitude? Keune’s new Color Chameleon line gives stylists the ability to paint creatively to their heart’s content. With nine colors and two shade shifters, there are countless ways to paint the rainbow. From bright and bold to pastel and subtle, stylists can create fashion-forward results with these direct dyes that are both ammonia-free and vegan! Read on to learn best tips for application and upkeep – and see the latest #ColorAttitude inspiration from the Keune community.

Application Tips

The level of vibrancy achieved will be based on the starting level of the hair. The higher the level, the more vibrant Color Chameleon will be.

  • Pre-lightening to a level 10 using one of several Ultimate Blonde Lightening Powder options is the recommended starting point. However, it’s easy to achieve striking results on levels 6 or lighter. 
  • As Color Chameleon is a direct dye, there is no developer needed. Simply apply color* to pre-lightened, clean, dry hair in any placement as desired. Have fun with color melts, rainbow effects, or pastel hints. *Some of the more intense colors can stain skin or fabric, so be sure to wear gloves and apply a stain barrier around the hairline.
  • Once color is applied, comb through to ensure proper saturation and an even result.
  • Let Color Chameleon develop for 20 minutes (30 minutes if more vibrancy is desired).
  • Similar to a gloss treatment, once properly developed, rinse hair with lukewarm water (refrain from shampooing). Once water runs clear, condition hair and/or add a leave-in product to the hair. Enhanced with Provitamin B5 and Solamer, Color Chameleon protects against UV exposure and leaves hair feeling nourished


  • With stunning results, Color Chameleon lasts for up to 20 washes depending on hair porosity, type, condition and environmental factors.
  • Remind clients to wash hair as infrequently as possible and to utilize the Care Color Brillianz or Keune Tinta Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to hydrate, moisturize and extend the life of their color.
  • To extend the time between washes, suggest the Style Refresh range – which includes Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner, and Dry Texturizer – to cleanse, detangle, soften and smooth hair while adding texture where needed most!

#ColorAttitude from the Keune Community

We are delighted at the creativity sparked within the Keune Community and thoroughly enjoy seeing your #ColorAttitude on our Instagram stories and feed. Take a look below at a few of the creations that inspired us! Search the #ColorAttitude tag on Instagram and view our #ColorAttitude highlight to see even more!

The Prismatic Shag

Coupled with one of the season’s top haircuts – the shag – this prismatic pastel creation by Josh Lubin has a subtle yet effective placement that blends each color of the rainbow!



A Hidden Gem

Daniel Yap, Global Color Chameleon Ambassador, has created a plethora of gorgeous Color Chameleon reflects on all hair types and lengths. From rainbow brights to bearded beauties and effortless color melts – we especially loved this Hidden Gem.



Mermaid Vibes

Travel to the depths of the deep blue sea with this dreamy color melt. Rosie Carter created a lavender to teal/green combination that will have you longing to catch waves all summer long.


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