How Semi Color Liquid Activator Will Change Your Demi-Permanent Color Game

By | July 6th, 2023

The Semi Color line you know and love for its shine, shades, and conditioning is expanding with its newest, possibly most significant, addition yet – Semi Color Liquid Activator. This game-changing product turns Semi Color into a liquid form. Partnered with the other Semi Color Activators, you can truly have it all. How will this change your demi-permanent game? Keep reading to learn more.


The Current Situation

Today’s salon environment has a faster pace than ever. The constant flux in hair trends and the growing demand for easy and efficient salon services means stylists are looking for quick solutions with excellent results. Clients also lead busy lives and want to achieve their hair goals without hours in the salon chair. When it comes to toning and glazing, this means stylists are looking to ‘lose the bowl and brush and embrace the bottle at the shampoo bowl.’

Until now, Semi Color offered Activator and Activator Intense – creamy and thick Activators ideal for precision and bowl and brush application. They were not necessarily intended for speed. This is precisely why we are proud to introduce Semi Color Liquid Activator. It is the same Semi Color Activator you love and depend on, now in a liquid form – perfect for bottle application at the shampoo bowl.


The Power of Semi Color

Before we explore the Semi Color Liquid Activator, let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of the Semi Color range. The demi-permanent shades of Semi Color are based on a unique, scientifically advanced formula for gorgeous shine and superior conditioning. Semi Color’s versatile formula was created to deliver heavenly luminous, silky smooth hair and endless possibilities. Here are the key features of Semi Color:

  • 75 shades provide endless color possibilities and creative options
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and ammonia-free formula
  • Deep conditioning* driven by the Nourishing complex, based on cocamide infused with sea silk
  • Long-lasting color result (up to 24 washes)
  • Up to 70% grey blending
  • Creamy base for ease of application
  • Incredible shine** boosted by the unique Shine complex, based on Mirasil infused with Sea Buckthorn

* Up to 55% more smoothness compared to untreated hair, based on instrumental tests.

** Up to 67% more shine compared to untreated hair, based on instrumental tests.


When to Use Semi Color

Semi Color is ideal for a wide variety of treatments and client needs. The following are examples of different scenarios for Semi Color applications:

  • Primary
  • Blonde
  • Shine and Glow Treatment
  • Grey Coverage
  • Corrective
  • Creative and Combined

You can learn more about these treatments and how to execute them here. We also highly recommend looking at our Educator Formula Favorites for further inspiration!


Now You Can Have It All

With Liquid Activator joining the range, Semi Color now has three Activators: Activator, Activator Intense, and Liquid Activator. Each Activator serves a specific purpose; all three together mean you can truly have it all. How? Let’s break down which Activator to use and when.

Activator – Use for root taps, shadow root applications, low-lighting, regrowth, and refresh applications. Offers no lift, tone-on-tone results. Tone, refresh, grey blend, color balance, go darker, fill or low-light with Semi Color Activator. Apply with a bowl and brush.

Activator Intense – Use for root taps, shadow root applications, low-lighting, regrowth, and refresh applications. Offers increased strength for brighter reds and coppers, increased grey blending, and more intensity on dark, coarse hair. Apply with a bowl and brush.

Liquid Activator – Use for quick toning and rapid refresh applications. Offers fast, practical application at the shampoo bowl. Perfect for long and thick hair applications. Apply with an applicator bottle.


How to Use Semi Color Liquid Activator

Using our Semi Color Liquid Activator is made to be just as straightforward as the application.

Step 1: Add 2-parts Semi–Color Liquid Activator to applicator bottle, followed by 1-part desired Semi Color Shade.

Step 2: Shake the applicator bottle well to mix.

Step 3: Apply the formula onto the hair and work through with gloved hands. Process for 20 minutes.

You can also use our Liquid Activator to achieve a Semi Color Glow Treatment. Follow the same guide recommended here using our Liquid Activator instead of Activator. Depending on the client’s needs, you can use our Ultimate Blonde After Blonde Treatment instead of After Color Balsam.

Watch our full how-to video to see Semi Color Liquid Activator in action!


What the Professionals Are Saying

Keune professionals love Semi Color Liquid Activator and frequently refer to it as a ‘game-changer.’ They know just what this means for stylists at work in the salon and clients in the chair. Semi Color offers incredible results; now, it can be taken advantage of at the shampoo bowl.

When stylists first tried Semi Color Activator, many remarked, “It’s like water!” They were surprised at its liquid form and over the moon about its use in a bottle. Global Color Ambassador George Alderete says, “It’s amazing. I can finally use Semi Color in every way for my demi-permanent needs.” Academy Trainer Kara Kalamatas also notes that she “absolutely loves it” and sees “endless possibilities for [my] clients with all three Activators.”

Semi Color Liquid Activator will complete your demi-permanent color needs and open up endless possibilities to create stunning results in the salon. You wanted it all, and now, you have it all!

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