Educator Favorite Semi Color Formulations

By | November 22nd, 2022

Do you have clients that want to try this year’s hottest shades without the commitment? Whether your client usually colors their hair or not, there is a perfect Semi Color service to offer. To give you fresh inspiration, Keune Education created a guide for their formula favorites using Semi Color. We chatted with Creative Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek about her go-to formulas and results. She shares what she loves most about Semi Color and offers expert advice about her go-to treatments and shades. 

Get to know Keune Semi Color

Semi Color is a demi-permanent hair color range, which means it can add level and tone but will never lift the base shade. It is an excellent service for adding shine, shifting a tone, or for deepening both level and tone. The nourishing complex in Semi Color also means it offers superior conditioning. There’s a Semi Color service for anyone with natural to color-treated hair, hair lightened by the sun, highlights that have faded, or if your guest is simply looking for a change. 

To pick the perfect product, It’s imperative to have a thorough consultation with your guest to find out their desired end result. For example — Semi Color Glazes are excellent for depositing tone, while Semi Color Toners are ideal for depositing level and tone. Semi Color shades can last up to 24 washes. If your guest isn’t interested in color and just looking to add shine, softness, and condition back to their hair, use Semi Color Clear.

Semi Color Glow Treatment

If you have a guest who wants to try something new or wants to add a vibrant glow, the Glow Treatment is perfect. The Semi Color Glow Treatment is a mild color treatment that can be used on all hair types. This treatment will focus on adding character to the hair with minimal color level change from adding After Color Balsam to the formula. Use any Semi Color shade for a Glow Treatment. Your mixing ratio is 1 part Semi Color + 1 part Semi Color Activator + 1 part After Color Balsam. From here, process for 5 minutes for a soft glow, 10 minutes for a medium glow, or 20 minutes for an intense glow. Due to the adjustable timing, this is an easy add-on service that can be applied to anyone that sits in your chair. 

Educator favorite Semi Color formulas

Amber’s go-to formulas

Light Strawberry Blonde

  • Formula : 15g Semi Color Honey + 15g Semi Color 9.35 + 60g of Semi Color Activator
  • Ideal level: 9 or 10
  • Skin tone: Warm, cool, or olive



  • Formula: 20g Semi Color Clear + 5g Semi Color Grey + 50g of Semi Color Activator
  • Ideal Level: 9 or 10
  • Skin tone: Cool or olive


Light Copper Blonde

  • Formula: 20g Semi Color Peach +10g Semi Color 8.4 + 60g of Semi Color Activator
  • Ideal Level: 8 or 9
  • Skin tone: Warm or olive



  • Formula: 15g Semi Color Peach + 15g Semi Color 7.35 + 60g of Semi Color Activator
  • Ideal Level: 7 or 8
  • Skin tone: Warm or olive


 Amber’s application and care tips:

  • Prep hair with Care Clarify Shampoo or Derma Exfoliate Shampoo before a Semi Color service to remove product build-up in the hair before coloring. 
  • The best way to use Semi Color for a toner or glaze is by applying Semi Color + Semi Color Activator or Semi Color Activator Intense (1:2) to damp hair. 
  • If Semi Color is applied to dry hair, it could look a ½ level deeper. To adjust for this, Clear can be added. 
  • Process Semi Color for 20 minutes unless you create a Glow Treatment. If processed shorter than the recommended 20 minutes, you could shorten the durability of the color. 
  • If you are dealing with a porosity issue, treat the hair before you tone. Rinse hair with After Color Shampoo X2 and then follow with Vital Nutrition Mask or Blonde Savior Mask and process for 3-5 minutes before applying Semi Color. 
  • Correcting porosity issues before coloring will help eliminate the chance that the color will go dark or off tone and allows you to process for the full 20 minutes. 
  • Depending on the shade or shades you are using, you may notice the color start to change during the 20 minute processing time, this is completely normal you’re just experiencing the oxidation of the color. Let it process for the full 20 minutes. 
  • Shampooing with After Color Shampoo is optional after a Semi Color service but you will want to condition with After Color Balsam. Towel dry and style as desired. *And just an extra tip – color will always look different wet than dry, so trust the process! 
  • To ensure color longevity, wash hair as infrequently as possible. Don’t use extremely hot water when washing, use a heat protectant and always use a Keune recommended cleansing and styling regimen. 

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