Keune 2023 National Educator Training: Inspiring Creativity and Connection

By | March 9th, 2023

When you think of being a part of a brand, do you need a connection beyond product satisfaction? At Keune, we believe a brand relationship should be a fulfilling professional and personal experience. The Keune 2023 National Educator Training is an example of just that.


As a family-owned company, we foster and nurture the growth of those at Keune. Our Educators are at the heart of the Keune experience. Voices for the brand – they lend expertise, build connections, and grow alongside fellow stylists.


Each year, Keune Education holds a National Training for our Educators. We give the team the creative time and space to learn what’s new, inspire one another, and develop as a team and family. The 2023 Training on January 14th – 18th at the Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA was led by VP of Education Jessica Mills. Sessions were presented by Creative Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek, Brand Ambassador Jessica Bartolucci, and Shop Talk Author Chris Sulimay.



Education highlighted the exciting new Tinta Color update in this year’s Training. Not only was the team eager about its upcoming release, but it provided the resources to share Keune Color with salons effectively. Jessica Mills shared the updated Tinta Color materials with the Educators to provide the technical knowledge needed to create the rich, vibrant, and healthy color Keune is known for.


The segment on social media and its role in personal and professional development was vital to the agenda. Jessica Bartolucci emphasized how social media can achieve your mission as a Keune Educator, stylist, and individual.  She explained that social media audiences crave authentic connection, and it is our opportunity to share our story, talent, and goals. This session gave Educators the know-how to thrive in the digital space and, in turn, helped them grow as facilitators and salon professionals.


We captured the moments that make lasting memories at this year’s Training. Watch below to reminisce about the time we shared together.




Training and coaching are fundamental pillars that most brands offer. However, Keune stands out as a brand “created by stylists, for stylists.” What does this mean for Educators? It means that Educators are involved in facilitating critical decisions for the brand. We seek engagement and ideas to better develop our programs. Collaboration in the creative content process helps us grow into the talented, passionate family we are today.



The excitement and the heartfelt connection were palpable this year. Our central goal at Keune is to create education that inspires. It always has been and always will be. Keune gains tenfold from what we give to our educators at Training. Seeing our Educators uplifted about what’s possible is priceless.


Since the event, Educators have filled their social media feeds with excitement and gratitude.  From the fun mystery night to our hands-on technical Training, we aimed to create connection and a sense of unity. We’re happy to say it was definitely achieved!



Keune Educators are at the heart of growing the brand and the business. From program facilitation to fostering relationships with distributors and fellow stylists, Educators are often why salons carry Keune and how clients ask for our products by name. We have a lot of love for our Keune Educators, and based on the vibe of our National Training, the feeling is mutual! Watch our Educators give a testimonial about what they love about being a Keune Educator below.



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