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By | November 11th, 2021

Hairstylists are absolutely in love with Keune Semi Color. This demi-permanent range, consisting of 75 shades, is a game-changer in the salon. They can’t decide what they love more — the long-lasting color, up to 70% grey blending, or the incredible shine and condition factor. Not to mention, Semi Color is vegan, gluten-free, and ammonia-free and lasts up to 24 washes.

The inter-mixable shades create endless possibilities, which is why we’re exploring the top ways to get creative with Keune Semi Color this season—looking for inspiration? Keep reading to discover the most-loved Semi Color Treatments.


Semi Color Treatments:

Stylists can deliver flawless, fashion-forward designs no matter which Semi Color Treatment they select. The results are thanks to the unique Shine and Nourishing complexes in Semi Color, which provide incredible shine and deep conditioning properties. Additionally, its creamy base allows hairstylists to retain control during applications and create individualized services for each client.

Primary: As a mild, demi-permanent hair color that naturally releases from the hair, Semi Color is ideal for clients who want to color their hair for the first time, whether they want to go darker or change the character of their current hair color. The following Primary Treatments can be used for first-time, repeat, or dual coloring clients.




Semi Color is a perfect treatment to darken or alter the tone of an existing shade. Due to its highly conditioning properties and gradual growth, this low-commitment color is the ideal starting place for any client new to having their hair colored.



Upkeep with Semi Color following a previous application is also ideal. The formula quickly refreshes locks from roots to ends without the risk of excess damage.



When it’s time to touch up hair colored with Tinta Color, we recommend the Dual Coloring Treatment. Use Tinta Color to touch up the roots and Semi Color to refresh their mid-lengths and ends for a more nourished feel. This color technique gives long-lasting color results, while treating the hair in the mildest

way possible. Apart from the seamless coverage, clients will adore the endless shine!





When creating a unique Blonde shade, it all comes down to the tone. Achieving the desired shade is exactly why Semi Color Ultimate Blonde Toners are the optimum option for cool, neutral, and warm blondes. Use a Blonde Toning Treatment to neutralize unwanted pigments, add vibrancy, contrast, or dimension to the finished color.



A glaze, like a clear topcoat, can upgrade any shade, previously colored or not. When an extra dose of shine is needed, the Glaze Treatment can refresh the hair without causing damage and is the ideal add-on service to increase the overall ticket. Clients will notice a silkier blowout and more defined texture and find themselves booking a Glaze Treatment at every appointment.




Like a glaze, the Shine Treatment focuses on enhancing current hair color while adding a gloss-like shine. It doesn’t alter the color and instead uses Semi Color Clear to add a healthy finish to any shade, natural or not!



If you’re looking to add a little something special, use the Glow Treatment to deliver a hint of color, shine, and condition. The objective of this treatment isn’t to drastically alter color but rather deliver depth, dimension, or a minor change in tone. Think about adding a hint of Silver Lilac to add coolness or a touch of Honey to cast a warm, luminous finish!






For those first signs of grey growth or adding a touch of color to all over grey hair, the Grey Blending Treatment is ideal for covering greys and allowing a gradual grow out subtly. 



Not every client is ready to commit to regular root touch-up appointments. This dilemma is where the Grey Shading Treatment shines. Semi Color allows for up to 70% grey coverage by adding a natural color to any formula. Like the Blending Treatment, the color naturally releases from the hair over time, allowing soft growth.



Going dark:

Lightened hair color naturally has less pigment and warmth. Clients need Corrective Treatment to replenish underlying pigments. Add color by applying Semi Color twice in a back-to-back technique.





Creative Treatments are endless with Semi Color. Each of the 75 shades is inter-mixable, meaning you can craft unique color for each client in your chair. Design everything from intense shades to pastel tones of varying levels.


No matter the starting shade or the desired finished look, Keune Semi Color has a tone to treat your clients! Stay tuned to see more in-depth Semi Color tutorials!

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