Are You Using the Right Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Shade?

By | November 8th, 2021

Building a healthy hair care routine is about curating products together to support one’s professional style. For example, one should supplement color-treated hair with products that specifically support that color service. You would not invest in any good without the product to support its maintenance, i.e., you would not wash cashmere in dish soap! The proper routine elongates the vibrancy of the shade while actively cutting down on excess damage.

At Keune, a great deal of research and development goes into creating the perfect Care product, and we’ve made sure that each line coincides with Keune Color treatments. If you’re curious which line is best for a specific color, keep reading below!


Care Tinta Color

The range:

  Tinta Color Shampoo

  Tinta Color Conditioner

Care Tinta Color Shampoo and Conditioner offer premium color protection free of sulfates and parabens. Like Tinta Color, it includes Triple Color Protection technology with silk proteins for strength, UV protection, and LP300 Color Stabilizer for brilliant results. Formulated to keep color from fading, the luxurious formula repairs and nourishes hair from the inside out to protect the look of color and improve the feel of the hair.


For Hair Treated with: Tinta Color

Of course, Keune crafted the Care Tinta Color range for clients who have their hair colored with Tinta Color. This permanent hair color line consists of oxidative pigments that create long-lasting results with supreme conditioning, luminous shine, and perfect coverage. It is often utilized for grey coverage but creates color transformations on all tones.


Care Color Brillianz

The range:

  Color Brillianz Shampoo

  Color Brillianz Conditioner

  Color Brillianz Mask

  Color Brillianz Conditioning Spray

Nourish color-treated hair and ensure color remains vibrant with a luminous finish. The entire line contains a Color Sealing complex that preserves rich color while protecting against harmful UV rays that cause the color to fade prematurely. Designed to keep the cuticle layer closed and deliver a high level of nourishment, Color Brillianz treated hair easily reflects light to give a gorgeous shine. Formulated with Solamer to protect against broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays, Sunflower Seed Extract and Silk Proteins are the building blocks that neutralize free radicals and leave locks with a silky soft and smooth finish.

For Hair Treated with: Semi Color, Ultimate Blonde Lighteners, & Color Chameleon

From rich shades to fashion tones, Care Color Brillianz will extend the longevity of vibrant color. Whether a client adds a new tone with a Semi Color Glow Treatment, goes lighter with Ultimate Blonde, or dares to rock a high-fashion Color Chameleon shade, Care Color Brillianz will keep color looking its most vibrant.


Care Silver Savior

The range:

  Silver Savior Shampoo

  Silver Savior Conditioner

  Silver Savior Foam Treatment

Is your client in search of an at-home toning treatment? Care Silver Savior is the ideal range to care for naturally grey or cool blonde tones. All three products in the range contain violet pigments to counteract unwanted warm tones. Additionally, Pro vitamin B5 keeps hair feeling silky soft while new integrated Bond Fuser Technology strengthens hair and prevents future damage or breakage. This range, alongside the in-salon Ultimate Blonde After Blonde Treatment, protects the hair’s outer structure to promote healthy hair with lasting conditioning. 

For use with: Semi Color, Ultimate Blonde, & Color Chameleon

Whether clients are naturally grey, sporting a high-fashion silver tone, or want their blonde at its brightest, Care Silver Savior is the perfect match. Over time, exposure to water, UV rays, and product buildup, naturally grey and blonde hair can yellow. The violet pigments in Care Silver Savior counteract yellowing to leave hair in a neutral to cool state. Therefore, Silver Savior acts as an at-home toning system, adds a hint of color, or keeps Color Chameleon shades looking their coolest.


Keune You

The range:


  Keune You Shampoo 

  Keune You Conditioner

  Care Mask

  Bond Fusion Phase 1 and 2


Care Elixirs:








Color-Maintenance Elixirs:

  Cool Blonde

  Cool Brown




For a truly tailored experience, Keune You allows clients to custom create hair care designed specifically for their color and care needs. With almost endless combinations, Keune You offers both in-salon and at-home solutions to promote a client’s healthiest, most vibrant style yet. Clients often have a multitude of concerns between their style and color and need to mix and match multiple products to address each one. Instead of letting clients spend hundreds experimenting on dozens of products that still don’t offer results, introduce this ideal line that will streamline their routine. Clients won’t want to look back and will return for their in-salon and at-home custom formulas as needed.

For example, you can craft an in-salon treatment to treat their curls and add a Red Elixir to enhance their shade. This same combination can also be added to their Keune You Shampoo and Conditioner formula to keep their color vibrant and curls defined between salon appointments. To tailor even further, you can split Care Elixirs between Shampoo and Conditioner. For example, add Volume Elixir to the Shampoo and Curl Elixir to the Conditioner with Red Elixir in both to address three concerns at once.

For use with: Tinta Color, Semi Color, Ultimate Blonde, & Color Chameleon

Keune You is the perfect follow-up hair care for Keune’s entire color range. Keune You Shampoo and Conditioner is sulfate and paraben-free, making it ideal for color-treated hair. The Care Elixirs one can mix and match address just about every major hair concern imaginable. With the addition of Color-Maintenance Elixirs, Keune You can be even further tailored to address shades of all tones and levels in need of nourishment, smoothing, nutrition, volume, and shine.

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