Safeguarding Your Style Against Frizz

By | October 18th, 2021

Frizz — once it hits, there’s no fast fix. However, knowing what causes it, preparing your hair correctly, and safeguarding your style goes a long way to cut down on the chances of this common hair concern ruining your style and, potentially, your day!

If you’ve ever spent hours getting ready only to leave the house and immediately notice the dreaded frizz-halo or natural curls peeking through your just straightened hair, you’ve dealt with the frustration of frizz. Are you looking for what’s to blame? While humidity does play a significant role in the matter, frizz is more so the result of dry hair. Instead of battling the elements, learn how to prep and protect your style for success.


Do your homework

Have you ever wondered why frizzy hair raises in the way that it does? When dry hair enters humid environments, it seeks out moisture to nourish the strand, and the effect is a raised cuticle. Therefore, to cut down on frizz, the hair’s condition needs to be addressed and treated.

Improving and maintaining the health of your hair is a process best achieved over time. Regular trims, Semi Color Shine Treatments, and Care deep conditioning treatments are foolproof ways to improve moisture, shine, strength, and finish, which lead to a smoother, healthier style.


Invest in targeted treatments

Everything from UV Rays to hard water and environmental stressors can cause hair to become overly dry or damaged. Utilizing a targeted hair care system that focuses on reversing the effects should be your first step. If you’re unsure where to start, Care Vital Nutrition and Care Satin Oil are two ranges where you can’t go wrong!

Keune specifically developed Care Vital Nutrition to deliver TLC to dry, damaged hair. They packed their formulas rich with a complex of essential minerals for a healthy, soft finish. Additionally, the Nutri-Injection Technology ensures the formula’s active ingredients penetrate the surface to moisturize the inner strand while creating a protective barrier around each to offer UV protection.


Care Vital Nutrition:

For best results, begin in the shower with Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner. Gentle enough for daily use, utilizing both will revitalize hair and create smooth, shiny results while actively cutting down on tangles. Each time you wash, be sure to follow up with Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray. This leave-in conditioning spray protects hair against heat and makes an ideal pre-styling treatment.

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The Care Satin Oil range is the answer to dull, dry strands with the ability to add shine and softness. Dual Technology is responsible for nourishing and strengthening the strands from the inside out thanks to a formula that delivers minerals directly to the hair’s structure to transform dry hair into soft, supple strands.


Care Satin Oil:

Treat hair to weekly and daily treatments with Care Satin Oil – Oil Treatment and Care Satin Oil Mask. Care Satin Oil – Oil Treatment can be worked into both damp or dry hair to add shine, deliver deeply nourishing benefits to your locks, and therefore, fight frizz. Keep this beloved Care product on hand to easily tame flyaways, or seal and condition dry ends after heat styling. This finishing touch creates a barrier between hair and humidity while also improving the overall condition of the hair.

The Care Satin Oil Mask is an ideal weekly treatment for thicker or coarser hair types needing deep moisture. This mask treats hair from the inside out to ensure nourished and strengthened hair over time — a key element to fighting frizz.

If you’re looking for a truly unique formula, chat with your Keune stylist about Keune You. This specialized range within Care is customizable for your exact needs to ensure your formula meets multiple hair concerns.

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Keune You:

For a luxe salon treatment, ask your stylist for a Keune You Mask Treatment. A stylist will add Keune You Elixirs to a designated Care Mask for a tailored service to target your frizz. If you also have color-treated hair or are looking to add volume, you can address these concerns in your service by adding a Color Elixir or Volume Elixir to the treatment. For example, a stylist can add Cool Blonde or Red Elixir + Smooth Elixir to enhance color maintenance while safeguarding against frizz. Additionally, stylists can develop a unique home care treatment system with you.

An ideal combination for home care could be Keune You Shampoo and Conditioner with Smooth + Nutrition Elixir. This targeted pair will give you frizz-fighting benefits with a single formula instead of needing to buy multiple products to treat your multiple concerns. Whether you need Smooth + Nutrition, Curl + Nutrition, Shine + Smooth, or endless other combinations, the power is in your hands to create a one-of-a-kind formula that saves you effort, time, and money while delivering maximum benefits with a single product.


Safeguard with Style!

If you’ve checked all the preliminary healthy hair boxes, the last thing you’ll need is to shield your hair from the elements. While your traditional go-to hairspray can work in a pinch, investing in a humidity-specific product will give you the best results. Style Humidity Shield is the go-to finishing product to protect your blowout or natural curls from succumbing to frizz. With a light hold that won’t weigh the hair down, this styler adds a light shine to your look that will help define your style. Another pro-tip is to spray in Style Humidity Shield when the hair is 75% dry for even longer lasting frizz protection.

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