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By | October 11th, 2021

Some days, clients wake up with a bundle of energy — ready to hop in the shower and create a style from start to finish. However, on a day-to-day basis, the chances are that clients are looking for new ways to enhance their second or even third-day hair. With new routines, returning to the office, and getting into the swing of fall, suggest a few product swaps and professional tips to help them achieve a standout style no matter how much time, effort, or energy they have! Curious about our favorite second-day stylers? Check out the a few expert tips from Keune Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek in the video below and keep reading for more tips! 




The problem: oily roots

The fix: Style Dry Shampoo


Certain hair types pull off second-day styles with little to no help, but this isn’t the case for most. Oils from our hands, environmental stressors, and natural sebum production cause a style to fall flat. For hair in need of a refresh, our go-to pick is Style Dry Shampoo. We love this product for its ability to give that fresh shower feel. Additionally, it features a transparent formulation that absorbs oils without leaving a white residue while also adding shine and protecting against UV rays.

*Pro-tip: Fine or thin hair types should apply Style Dry Shampoo directly after styling or the night before. Normal to medium and thick types can assess their needs on day two or three as needed.


The problem: dry ends

The fix: Style Dry Conditioner


This hero product that is a perfect match with dry shampoo is often underrated and not as well known! We rarely hear about the benefits of adding a dry conditioner to a second-day style. While the scalp area gets oily over time, the mid-lengths and ends grow increasingly dry. Add Style Dry Conditioner to any routine as a surefire way to introduce softness and shine with added condition and manageability. Enhanced with the same refreshing benefits of Style Dry Shampoo, Style Dry Conditioner also detangles the hair, ideal for all hair types and textures.


The problem: definition

The fix: Style Dry Paste


Braids and ponytails are the best styling friends of second and third-day hair. However, hair in this condition is often lackluster or missing the grit needed to create an impressive finish. Style Dry Paste is the solution to your second or third-day hair woes! This hybrid product is a matte styling paste formulated with zeolite to add grippy texture while refreshing hair. Take a pea-sized amount of product on your fingertips and rub together until buttery-smooth and then work product in at the roots. Not only will your client find that this styler gives refreshed roots, but also incredible volume. The results make Style Dry Paste the perfect addition to your routine for creating a ponytail, undone braid, or adding definition to master the art of bedhead hair.


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