Keune Semi Color: Our Favorite Fall Formulas

By | September 23rd, 2021

As summer turns to fall, clients want new ways to match this transition with their go-to style, so why not start with their hair color?

Influenced by the latest celebrity trends, subtle and softened techniques replace the bright hues and bold placement we saw last season. Make an easy shift in your client’s style with Semi Color. With high impact and less commitment, Semi Color is the ideal choice for anyone who sits in your chair. Highlighting top tips and her favorite Semi Color formulas for fall, we had a chat with Keune Haircosmetics Creative Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek.

The beauty of Semi Color starts with its endless shine and is loved truly for its versatility. “This demi-permanent line offers condition and shine to your blondes, brunettes, redheads, and everyone else in between,” says Skrzypek. From adding all-over tones to concentrated placement with root smudges or lowlights, Semi Color can do it all. 


Pro Tips:


The Foundations

Similar to any color application, Skrzypek suggests, “When formulating with Semi Color, it is best to analyze what level youre starting at and what level youre trying to achieve.” In addition to this, “Be aware of the tones that are already present in the hair. Are these tones something you want to add to, cover-up, or neutralize?” Understanding underlying tones and the base shades you are building upon helps to formulate the desired shade strategically.



Semi Color features a total of 75 shades (including 14 new statement shades), is vegan, gluten-free, and ammonia-free, and allows stylists to create endless color possibilities with up to 80% grey blending that lasts up to 24 washes.

With such an extensive range, stylists can endlessly customize shades. Skrzypek loves to work within similar color families or mix several to get the results she’s after. “If youre looking to lighten and brighten your shade, add Semi Color Clear to the formula. If you are looking to reduce the intensity of a shade, add a Semi Color Natural. To create a custom blend, intermix Fashion Shades together or intermix with Natural Shades,” Skrzypek says. She adds one more thought, “Just remember that the darker shade in your color formula will always dominate.”



Every stylist will develop a unique routine when it comes to achieving consistent results. However, Skrzypek is sharing a few of her tried and true tips for application. “If you’re looking to achieve the exact result you see in the Keune Color Swatch Chart, apply your formula to damp hair. For a deeper result, apply to dry hair. If you want the most predictable result, use Clarify Shampoo on the hair before coloring. Clarify Shampoo will remove any impurities from the hair and prep strands for coloring,” she adds.  


Skrzypek’s Favorite Fall Formulas:

Although the options are truly endless with Semi Color, Skrzypek shares a few of her go-to formulas for fall.


Copper Penny

20g Peach + 10g 8.4 + 60g Semi Color Activator Intense 



Milk Chocolate

Equal parts 20g of 5.23 and 7.35 + 80g Semi Activator 



Cherry Coke

20g 6.43 + 10g 5.35 + 60g Semi Activator


What are your favorite Semi Color formulas for fall? We’d love for you to share in the comments below or tag @KeuneNAmerica in your creations!

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