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By | September 7th, 2021

Even when we’re all grown up, September always registers as back-to-school season. However, instead of investing in notebooks and sparkly pens, we’ve moved on to new hair colors, haircuts, and fashion-forward styles. As salons prepare for an appointment spike, we’re detailing some of our favorite back-to-school style tips for clients to bring home, as well as the product picks to get the look!

Style Tips:

Use a paddle brush to save time

One’s hair type and the desired finished style affect whether this tip is suitable for your client. A paddle or vent brush cuts down on the time and energy needed to style. It doesn’t require as much skill as a round brush and is an excellent option for clients looking to prep hair for hot tools, braiding, or updo styles.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

We suggest you offer this tip to clients of all hair types, especially those with wavy, curly, and coiled hair textures. Even if one doesn’t toss and turn in the night, small movements create friction between hair strands and cause tangles, knots, and frizz. These tangles and frizz can ultimately lead to breakage and dull hair. No one wants that! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase cuts down friction, and as opposed to cotton choices, it won’t dry out the hair or skin.

Apply dry shampoo the night before

Dry shampoo is an obvious favorite to ease the rush of morning routines, but here’s our tip you may not have considered. Tell clients to apply this trusted product to oily roots the night before for the best results! The extra time allows the product to absorb as many excess oils and debris overnight as possible, leaving locks refreshed as soon as they wake.


Product Picks:

Style Blowout Gelee

As clients have to battle the heat less and less, they will rely more on heat styling during the upcoming fall months. Before styling, prep the client’s hair with essential heat protection by using Style Blowout Gelee. This lightweight priming product is ideal for fine hair types and offers UV protection and style memory without leaving behind any residue.

Style Curl Cream

Apart from the occasional smooth blow-dry, enhancing natural texture is still a staple this season. Clients love Curl Cream because they can use it when air-drying or drying with a diffuser. Just a tiny amount worked through the hair goes a long way. On top of defining curl patterns, it offers a high level of moisture and condition to lock in hydration and delivers a gleaming finish.


Style Brilliant Gloss Spray

This next tip is one of our favorites. Swap your everyday hairspray for something a little extra! Show off brilliant color, defined curls, or an edgy haircut with a high dose of shine — Brilliant Gloss Spray takes your style to the next level and adds a light hold to ensure your look stays in place.

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