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By | April 17th, 2020

With a wealth of online resources and inspiration, expand your education by brushing up on Keune color. From creating the perfect blonde shade to adding depth and formulating for grey coverage, we’ve caught up with Huntsville, Alabama stylist Abbie Brown on her favorite color services and how to expand your skill set.


The perfect blonde:


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With summer in sight, natural blondes will look to brighten up their shade. Creating the perfect blonde comes from building upon a healthy base and gradually lifting over time. Abbie suggests to always start with a thorough consultation to ensure you and your client are on the same page on tone and brightness, as well as the history of your client’s hair.

For this color formula featured, Abbie used Keune Tinta Color High Lift Blonde (HL 3017 mixed with 30 Volume developer) for the base highlights and Magic Blonde Lightener (mixed with 20 Volume developer) for the face-framing pieces. “I really love the way the Magic Blonde lifts and its nice to have extra dimension within the color, especially around the face.” says Abbie. The reason she chose High Lift was simple; her client is prone to warm undertones and she knew High Lift would create a neutral color that cancels out unwanted brass/gold tones.


The transition:

If your client would like to transition to a perfect blonde shade, Abbie suggests first deciding on which lightener is best for their hair – Cream Blonde, Magic Blonde, Power Blonde, or Freedom Blonde. With four options, Keune lighteners allow you to have complete control over the lift you want to achieve. Check out a few more tips Abbie had about a thorough consultation and picking the right lightener:

“I always recommend having a very thorough consultation with your guest. I have learned that the consult is the most important part of the entire visit. Make sure the client understands that results with lightening are never guaranteed. Always consider the porosity of the hair and check for good elasticity. Keune has really changed the way I work behind the chair. This line has really given me the tools to be able to cater to every client based on their needs. As a stylist, if you are unsure about the hairs condition, recommend or insist on Keune Bond Fusion to maintain the integrity of the hair. I always remember with any lightening process that its up to my discretion. I am the professional and can deny a service at any time if its something Im not comfortable with.”


Abbie’s tips for picking the right lightener:

  • If my guest has light, fine, or thin hair, I use Cream Blonde. It is a gentle lightener with a steady lift.
  • Magic Blonde is a favorite for its ability to lift quickly – you see a swift change in the first few minutes and then levels out to a slower lift.
  • Power Blonde is my workhorse in the salon. This is what I use to finish up the end of a full foil or for a quick partial. This lightener lifts fast and works wonders for lifting clients level 5 and up.
  • Freedom Blonde, Keune’s Clay Lightener is best for hand painting and brightening up the ends of hair. I use the Freedom Blonde blended with foils often.


Creating added depth:


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With any shade, it is important to retain a contrast between lights and shadows to ensure depth and dimension. Whenever a client’s color looks too muted, Abbie knows that they are in need of either added depth or light. “If I am adding depth to someones hair, I will often use a tone that contrasts the current tone or level. With Keune color, I have unlimited opportunities using color to create the perfect tone needed to contrast and complement the current color.” she adds. For example, if she wants to create reflect in color, she suggests adding gold, and if she needs more depth, she suggests adding copper. Using additives and fashion colors are a great way to create depth while remaining in the same color family and level.

To ensure a complementary level of depth, Abbie suggests scheduling touch up appointments every 6-8 weeks. Sending clients home with Tinta Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner will help maintain the proper pH levels and extend the life of their color service.

Achieving grey blending:



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Grey coverage is often the bread and butter for most stylists and can be a great way to build a devoted clientele. Again, this one comes down to the consultation. It is a great time to discuss the likes and dislikes your client has about their appearance. Then, you can create a custom formula for their service. Abbie feels that their opinion is extremely important when creating a plan, especially when it comes to maintenance. The client’s feedback is how she decides if she will grey blend or use grey coverage. While grey blending can be great for many clients, you have to take into account what tones will complement their grow out while also meeting their goals. If clients are in a transition period, adding grey blending services to the mix can be a great way to create sheer coverage without a line of demarcation.

Abbie notes, “This is where Keune color won me over. The grey coverage is spectacular and I can custom mix to make it more opaque or sheer and let’s not forget the ability to add lightness and depth using mixed colors.” She suggests using a weaving technique with foils in clients that are 10-50% grey.


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