Social Media Tips: How to Increase Connection

By | April 6th, 2020

Social media and online platforms have completely changed the way individuals communicate. In many ways, with the onset of Facebook and Instagram, the world became smaller. You can update entire friend groups, colleagues and clients with the click of a button. For the most part, these platforms are a positive improvement from previous marketing and sales tools. However, mastering these tools can prove challenging. From learning the best practices for posting to increasing connection with clients – these are our top social media tips to grow and relate with your community.



A great place to start elevating your social platforms is to create a plan of action. Instead of simply uploading each day, plan out your week or month (if you can). This will help you stay focused, create long term vision, and capture useful content for your audience.

There are many applications and websites that can help you stay on track. Check out Later, Planoly, or Buffer to begin. With many free and paid options, you can decide which platform best suits your needs.



As you begin to write copy and create content, you’ll want to think about who your target audience is. Are you speaking to fellow stylists, clients, or a mix of both? Do you want to offer professional, consumer or even “prosumer” tips?

If you identify who your target audience is first, you are able to keep messaging consistent – which is one of the most important aspects of growing your following.

Above all else, positive messaging is key. Take cutting or color correction content for example. When posting “before and after” work, be sensitive to your tone. The goal is to highlight your creativity, not disparage the previous efforts of another stylist.


Content curation

Decide beforehand different types of categories you would like to share.

For instance:

  • At-home tips
  • Salon consultation tips
  • Color trends
  • Styling techniques

By identifying various categories first, you’ll be able to keep a healthy rotation of intriguing content coming in consistently.


Quality over quantity

Lighting is a key and critical element when it comes to capturing your work. Let’s face it, sometimes after a long day (or a long color correction), you might forget to snap pictures of your work, or you might not have quality lighting once the sun has gone down. Instead, ask your client to either come back the next day or to send you a few selfies!

When photographing, aim for clean backgrounds and well-lit areas. You would be surprised how much a hair color can change based on lighting. If you or your salon are able to, think about investing in a ring light, or leaving one wall blank and painting it white for a consistent background. This can help curate your feed for crisp, clean images that show your work in the best light.


Product highlights

Whether you highlight one brand, or many of your favorites, be sure to tag them appropriately! Speaking from experience, Keune LOVES to see all of the creations you are making with Keune color, lighteners and styling products! Tagging increases visibility to your work and will often lead to being featured on their pages. This, in turn, helps to increase your own engagement and traffic on social media!

Be sure to tag @keunenamerica in your latest posts and stay tuned for the most up to date education on our social media channels!

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