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By | May 17th, 2017

Keune is always on the cutting edge of product development, supplying stylists with tools to make their jobs behind the chair easier. Creating innovative products that will not only save time in the salon, but also money, is our name of the game. Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray, a professional product that recently launched along with Keune’s New Dawn Color Collection, is designed to aid the colorist and satisfy the hair color needs of clients at the same time. 

To help answer some of the questions you may have about this new product, Keune Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek has provided the following FAQs.

ultimate blonde neutralizing spray

What Is Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray?

This great product comes in a 300ml spray bottle and is designed for IN-SALON USE ONLY. This is NOT a retail product. It is designed for colorists to use it as:

  • A pre-toner when trying to achieve cool blondes, silvers, grey or before an application of Keune Color Craving
  • A standalone toner if you are just looking to take the raw edge off of freshly lightened hair
  • As a refreshing service in the salon between color appointments

This Neutralizing Spray contains blue and violet pigments that will neutralize undesired warmth in the hair—it is most neutralizing at levels 9 and 10 and less neutralizing at a level 8. The final color application is to be applied directly on top of Neutralizing Spray. This product can also be used as a standalone toner. Because Neutralizing Spray was developed with direct dyes, the neutralization will have limited longevity. If you are not following up the Neutralizing Spray with an application of Semi or Tinta Color, Keune suggests the client purchase Silver Savior Shampoo and/or Silver Savior Conditioner to maintain his or her hair color between visits.

Why Use Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray?

The benefits of using the Neutralizing Spray as a pre-toner include saving time and money. When trying to achieve cool end results, oftentimes two toners are necessary—the first to remove warmth and the second to deposit the cool tone. When utilizing Keune’s Neutralizing Spray as your step one, you only need one toner and are saving yourself a Semi or Tinta Color application and 20 to 30 minutes of processing time. You are also saving on product cost because now only one application of Semi Color is necessary. 

How Should I Apply Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray?

Ultimate Blonde can be applied at the shampoo bowl or when the client is in the stylist’s chair. But because this product contains direct dyes, I would suggest applying it at the shampoo bowl to prevent the staining of white or light-colored surfaces. Please make sure your client is properly caped before applying, as it could temporarily stain skin and could permanently stain clothing.

For an even application, apply it on towel-dried hair in sections. The drier the hair, the more intense the end result. Begin in the nape area with 2-inch deep sections; spray it through out and comb for even saturation; keep the spray bottle at the same distance from the hair when working through out, as holding it closer to the hair strand could intensify the end result. Continue this same pattern until all pre-lightened pieces are saturated with Neutralizing Spray. There is no processing time with this product. Also, the product can be layered for a more intense result, and for a softer end result, it can be rinsed out of the hair.

Why Should I Reach for This vs. Another Toner?

Think of Neutralizing Spray like Keune’s Silver Reflex Shampoo without the suds. It’s instant gratification with no processing time. It is ideal for anyone trying to rid warmth from the hair at levels 8, 9 and 10.

How Long Will It Last?

The longevity of this product will depend on the frequencies of shampoos, the client’s shampoo choice and the overall condition of the hair. A stylist-recommended Keune colored-hair shampoo and conditioner for weekly maintenance between salon visits will help guarantee the maximum longevity.

Does It Stain Skin?

Yes, it can stain skin temporarily. It also can permanently stain clothes, so please properly cape your client.

How Long Do You Leave It On?

Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray can either be left in the hair or rinsed out. For a more intense end result, apply the product at the shampoo bowl or styling chair, and comb through for even saturation and begin the follow up service as usual. For a less-intense result, spray it throughout the hair, comb thoroughly and rinse. There is no processing time required.

The Bottle Says It Is “Leave-In”—If You Do, Will It Pigment the Hair? 

Yes. Neutralizing Spray does contain blue and violet pigment designed to tone unwanted warmth in the hair. Spraying the product on the hair will deposit pigment; you will see more of the blue/violet if there is no warmth in the hair. If layered on top of itself, you can achieve a very cool violet end result. Porosity of the hair is also going to play into the intensity of the end result. If worried about an uneven porosity, pre-treat the hair with Protein Spray or Intensive Hair Repair first.

Can It Be Used As a Daily Spray for Someone to Refresh Purple Hair Color?

Neutralizing Spray was not designed for everyday use or to intensify fashion shades. It is a professional product designed for in-salon use only. I would recommend Color Craving Velvet Violet to refresh purple hair color.

Does It Contain Conditioner?

It does contain a silk protein-infused base, offering condition and shine, and making the hair very manageable to comb through after application.

Is Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray Available for Retail or Is It Pro Use Only?

It is meant for professional use only.

How Can I Get This Product?

Neutralizing Spray is available in the United States. Please check with the Keune Distributor in your area for availability.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about this product in the comments section below! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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