Keune Bond Fusion Benefits All Hair Types

By | October 20th, 2016

Have you met Keune’s Bond Fusion yet? This brand-new, premium bond booster gives hair some major TLC, strengthening strands from the inside out for the coveted outcome of shinier, healthier, softer and stronger hair. Keune Bond Fusion benefits all types of hair, from virgin to color-treated and permed. Read on to find out about how well your new best friend in the salon works for your clients—and makes you look good as a result.

Platinum Princess

Ready to take your client’s locks to the ultimate light-blonde hue? Platinum is such a hot trend right now and the ladies are going Gaga for it. The thing is, as we all know, high-lift platinum can wreak havoc on strands. Step in: Bond Fusion by Keune. This easy, three-step bond-building system protects the inner structure of the hair with two hair-identical proteins. Simply add Phase 1 to your lifting mixture as directed. Then, after rinsing, Phase 2 goes on from roots to end for 5 minutes or so to strengthen and seal in the goodness and ensure that the hair stays in the best condition for as long as possible. “But wait, what’s step three,” you ask? Phase 3 is a nourishing, take-home maintenance product for your client to prolong the fab results even further. Platinum hair has seriously never looked so healthy.

“After a lightening process and 1,000 comb strokes, hair treated with Bond Fusion experiences 43-percent less hair breakage and is twice as easy to comb through as lightened hair not treated with the Bond Fusion system.*” – Keune Haircosmetics

Keune Bond Fusion Benefits

Color-treated Cutie

Bond Fusion doesn’t just work for Platinum Princesses, though. It works with any color. And by any color, we mean not just Keune’s professional color lines that span the spectrum of rich walnut to hot pink—literally any known professional color. Of course, we’re partial to Keune’s portfolio of high-quality color lines, including Tinta Color, Semi Color, So Pure and Color Craving. Did we mention Bond Fusion doesn’t add to the processing time? It doesn’t = another win for you.

Curly Queen

The same principle as color-treated strands holds true for permed hair (or hair that has undergone any chemical process, really). You can apply Bond Fusion on hair that’s been treated with any professional perming or chemical treatment.

“Hair treated with Bond Fusion has five times more long-lasting conditioning. The conditioning effects resulting from just one Bond Fusion treatment indicates that the hair’s combability, softness and smoothness remain comparable after five shampoos.*” – Keune HaircosmeticsWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Keune Bond Fusion Benefits

Au Natural Gal

While the treatment certainly goes strand-in-strand with hair that has gone through a professional chemical or color service, Bond Fusion doesn’t only strengthen “processed” hair. It promotes bond integrity no matter what! You can use it as a deep-conditioning treatment on virgin hair, or on dried-and-fried strands due to the elements, such as the sun, or lifestyle factors, such as swimming in chlorinated pools. It’s pretty versatile.

The verdict is in: Keune Bond Fusion benefits all hair types.


Read more about how Bond Fusion works here or contact us.


*Each claim in support of Bond Fusion benefits is based on the average results of three independent lab tests, performed following standardized, reproducible and documented procedures, developed by Keune’s Research & Innovation department.

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