Best Spring 2017 Wedding Hairstyles: The Low Updo

By | May 25th, 2017

Wedding bells are in the air! Whether you’re a bride on the hunt for just the right ‘do or a stylist who is actively working with bridal clients, tune into the following spring 2017 wedding hairstyles as inspiration. Two Keune Educators offer up their favorite look this season: the low updo! They give us the scoop on why they love it so, what kind of bride it is perfect for and which Keune products and tools they recommend to achieve the look. 

Spring 2017 Wedding Hairstyles

Spring 2017 Wedding Hairstyles

The Stylist: Sarah Anne, Keune educator

Favorite wedding hairstyle trend:

“Braids and waves seem to be the top hits of the two past seasons on the runway. While braids are playful, waves will always be classic. Wanting the best of both worlds?! Do both in one look. This low-and-lovely look is the one all of the top bridal designers have requested this year.” 

Why she loves it:

“Braids are great because they are playful, amazing for keeping a huge mane of hair looking great all day, as well as wonderful for fine hair to prevent it from falling flat. And, of course, throwing in a few extensions to get the thickness of the desired braid is always a must!”

This look is perfect for:

“Braids and waves can absolutely be tailored to fit all brides. It just depends on how playful or classic you want to go.” 

Keune tools and products to pull it off:

  • Blow-dry hair, using Keune Design Root Volumizer. Using an Ergo Paddle Brush by Keune, flat-wrap hair to add shine and smooth it out.

  • Set the hair into a traditional set. Spray with Keune BLEND Fixing Spray, then use a curling iron to set hair. Let it cool.

  • Brush the curl out, using a boar-bristle brush for a soft wave.

  • Add extensions to the fringe area to help add fullness to the side braid. Braid the hair down one side of the head.

  • Create a chignon at the nape of the neck, tucking in the end of the braid.
  • Finish it off with Keune BLEND Fixing Spray for maximum hold and shine! 


The Stylist: Jeff Ward, Canadian national educator for Keune 

Favorite wedding hairstyle trend:

“I’m loving the low-key bun with accessories.”

Why he loves it:

“There is so much versatility and personality with the freedom to create a unique look for your bride.”

This look is perfect for:

“A modern, vintage or classic wedding. Accessories will also play a strong role to fit the destination of the wedding, whether a rural or urban setting. This look enhances the bride’s natural beauty.”

Keune tools and products to pull it off:


What do spring 2017 wedding hairstyles need? Some amazing brushes, of course! Keune is a huge fan of Ergo brushes—buy them on our partner Bangstyle‘s site HERE.

Interested in learning how to create more coveted bridal looks? Check out Keune Academy’s Brides and Braids course coming up in July HERE.

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