Texturizer or Hairspray? What to Use & When

By | July 8th, 2020

Overwhelmed searching for the right product to achieve the look your client wants? Advancements in haircare technology have created an abundance of products to choose from, and therefore, some product choice confusion. This is why we’re detailing the debate between texturizer and hairspray – so you know what to use and when!

As stylists, we often turn to what we know. Hairspray is considered to be one of the most basic staples any stylist can keep in their product arsenal—and for good reason! Its versatile, dependable, and can be used to set just about any style. Thanks to formulation advancements, todays hairsprays are much better at doing all of this without creating that outdated, shellacked look that crunches. Despite its popularity in salons, hairspray isnt always the best option to create modern, on-trend looks.

When to Use a Texturizing Spray

Now that summer is here, more clients are going to be asking for tousled waves and effortless texture. The best way to get the look? Swap out your traditional hairspray for a texturizing spray.

Texturizers are specifically designed to create that easy, woke-up-like-this texture. While they do add some light hold, texturizers allow for movement and flexibility. When you want to add a little grip and volume, a texturizer is a great solution.

For perfectly imperfect beach waves in the salon, refresh hair with a texturizing spray like Style Dry Texturizer, which boosts volume and absorbs excess oil to help create matte texture. Style Dry Texturizers formulation means that theres no white residue left behind, so hair looks and feels naturally clean. After prepping, use a curling iron or wand to create loose waves in an alternating pattern, leaving ends out for a more natural effect. Gently pull each wave from the end after unwrapping to encourage a softer, looser look. Finish with another light mist of Style Dry Texturizer for medium flexible hold.

When to Know Which Hairspray is Best

When you need to set your clients style, eliminate fly-aways and add shine, hairspray is the answer. We like hairsprays that do double duty—ones that keep a style in place and add protection from the elements.

For Blowouts & Bang Trims

For a flexible 24-hour hold and natural shine, use Style Soft Set Spray. This lightweight hairspray adds major volume that is easy to brush out, making it a perfect add-on to your in-salon blowout service. After towel-drying hair, mist sections with Style Soft Set Spray at the root. Then, blow-dry with a round brush for a perfect, bombshell blowout. Additionally, this hairspray is ideal to use in the salon for bang trims because of its flexible control – simply spray, comb and snip!

Watch this Keune Academy Live to see Keune Creative Technical Ambassador, Amber Skrzypek, talk about her favorite way to finish styles with Style Soft Set Spray.


For Everyday Hold & Humidity Protection

Need to make sure your client
s style stays in place all day? Style Freestyle Spray offers strong, all-day hold—sans outdated helmet hair.” With humidity protection that fights frizz and allows natural movement, this versatile hairspray is the perfect finish for your everyday style.

For Special Occasions & Event Styling

For those occasions when you need styles to stay in place, the power of a high-hold hairspray can’t be beaten. Ideal for updo’s and editorial looks, Style High Impact Spray offers maximum, level-10 hold for 24 hours. It boosts shine, shields against humidity and provides UV protection all day long, making it perfect for clients with summer weddings, fundraisers, and other formal outdoor events.

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