Natural Texture is Everywhere – Here’s How to Get the Look

By | March 10th, 2020

We’ve seen the presence of natural hair texture transition from a rarity to an everyday option over the past few decades, an evolution marked by lifestyle. Rather than combat natural wave and curl patterns, clients are embracing them alongside more structured styles. In other words, they’re more open to a variety of styles while working with their natural texture. This shift in mindset proves that style has become more about inclusivity and individuality than about conforming to set societal parameters. As clients embrace a brand new silhouette of style, hairdressers are crafting ways to cut, color and style this movement. We’ll give you a few pointers for best practices behind the chair by breaking down some of the top tips and techniques

Rethink Your Technique 

Continuous education will always be the best way to further your career behind the chair. As natural texture grows in popularity, it is even more critical to develop the latest hands-on techniques. For example, depending on the scenario, you might find that dry cutting techniques work best for curls or that alternate bleach formulas are needed to transform textured hair. With a range of options, check out some of the upcoming Keune education classes here.

Utilize Products Specifically for Natural Texture

Products make or break the finished result of any hairstyle. Therefore finding the best products for both hair type and desired style are key. For textured clients with long hair, we highly suggest utilizing Keune Style. Volume and separation are two of the top needs among this hair type so using a combination of Style Soft Mousse and Dry Texturizer will not only give effortless lift but also touchable texture! If you’re creating a new look for short-haired clients, we can’t get enough of 1922 by J.M. Keune Tough Texture. With a thickening effect, Tough Texture will add grit, volume and a matte finish for defined texture!

*Tousled Texture (35% savings when you purchase Style Soft Mousse and Dry Texturizer) and Take Me to Texture Town (44% savings when you purchase 1922 Matte Measure, Tinted Dust, and Tough Texture) will be running this season with included add on gifts for both. Check with your local distributor for details.

Avoid Heat When Possible

The greatest benefit to working with natural texture is the opportunity to rethink the way we style hair. Start with the right products and techniques and finish with alternative drying and finishing routines. Often, the best way to care for textured hair is by turning down the heat. Rely less on heat, more on product and the haircut, and clients will be able to air dry their hair with ease. Less heat allows for greater texture definition and less frizz and stress on strands. While heat styling shouldn’t be totally out of the picture, swapping out daily blowouts for weekly ones will greatly improve your client’s texture, and therefore, their ability to embrace their unique style! 

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