Education 2020: The Top Reasons to Continue Learning Behind The Chair

By | February 4th, 2020

Confidence in your craft

Like any career choice, it takes time, dedication, and hard work to gain confidence. As a stylist, learning the basics in books is one thing, but it’s the hands-on education that really counts. From practicing the best way to hold your shears, to getting comfortable with a blowdryer and a round brush, there is a delicate balance between theory and practice. Once you begin your career behind the chair, you learn from a completely different perspective. This added perspective brings fresh eyes to education classes post academia. With experience under your belt, you’re more adept to ask the questions you really need to be answered. This is why, apart from learning the latest techniques, advanced education allows you to reevaluate your skills and build confidence in your craft.

Gain inspiration

Generating creativity can be exhausting, even for the most advanced stylists. No matter how much time you spend scrolling Instagram or practicing on your clients, sometimes you just need a new source of inspiration. In order to reignite passion for your craft, stepping outside your normal routine and signing up for that class can be exactly what you need!


Apart from spending time with amazing educators, advanced education gives you the opportunity to spend time with like-minded stylists. Do you remember how much you enjoyed feedback from your peers, the engaging conversation that sparked? They may be going through a similar creative rut, have the same salon situations, or can simply become great resources to bounce ideas off of. The academic environment uniquely fosters growth, creativity, and community. Together, you grow as a class and a community and as a result, you individually grow as a person.


In-person education offers the invaluable opportunity to learn insider tricks firsthand from educators and fellow stylists. They not only push you to think outside the box, but equip you with the tools necessary to create solutions to everyday salon situations. For example, time is a commodity that every stylist needs to maximize. Take the steps needed to further your skillset and this will help you improve the dilemma. Increasing productivity behind the chair allows you to add on services, book extra appointments, and therefore, take home more money.

Education is an investment in your craft. The investment will come back tenfold in the form of success in your career. We truly reap what we sow. Click below to explore the top classes for 2020 at the Keune Advanced Academy! Space is limited so be sure to sign up ASAP!


Keune Editorial Re-Mix

February 22-24, 2020


Keune Foundational Color

March 1-2, 2020


Keune Foundational Design

March 1-2, 2020


Keune Next Level Color

March 8-9, 2020


Keune Cut and Color Collaboration

March 15-16, 2020

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