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By | August 15th, 2019

You might have noticed that Design has a brand new Style! Redesigning the line was about more than just modernizing the product. It was about building the ultimate Style line for stylists. Tried, tested and true. Style was put through rigorous testing—both in the lab and by stylists—to create a system that delivers the best results in the salon and at home with the ability to create effortless styles. 

We chatted with Keune North America Creative Design Ambassador James Helton about his favorite Style cocktails.

First, James let us know that he loves the new STYLE range. Simply because it is the most complete range on the market. From prep, shape to finish, Keune STYLE has you covered– regardless of what level of artist you are, whether you’re in a salon, a session stylist, or into competition work.

When it comes to the design, they have a classically modern finish and fresh fragrances, that are made to perform. Here are a few of his go-to STYLE products and keep scrolling for his cocktails!


The New Design – What We Love!

Instant Blowout: “In my experience, Instant Blowout is a total game-changer by reducing dry time by approximately 50%,” says James. He recommends layering with Straight Cream on damp hair to create beautiful, straight, smooth, humidity resistant hair with wonderful style memory.  Another great facet of Instant Blowout is its ability to protect against heat up to 446 degrees. Simply spritz onto dry hair to prep for iron work. “No matter what service I have performed in the salon, I always finish with a blowout and a style, which means almost all of my clients get Instant Blowout,” adds James.

Humidity Shield:  With 24-hour protection against humidity, Humidity Shield is a must-have finisher to protect sleek blowouts in humid climates. Another great use for this product is to layer with Straight Cream and Instant Blowout to further cut down on dry time. James always recommends that curly-haired clients layer Humidity Shield onto damp hair combined with Curl Cream to help expedite dry time and protect those gorgeous curls from getting frizz.  

Blowout Gelee: When you need a little extra hold, add Blowout Gelee to the mix. This product creates and holds bend in sleek blowouts. Alternatively, it holds curl in a brush/iron set. And, it adds a little control for curly clients who also need heat protection. James reaches for this product when he needs defined hold and support with flexible finish and style memory.



Design A New Cocktail With Style!

Dry Paste + Brilliantine Gel 

The possibilities are endless with this range but this is hand down James’ favorite combo. “When Brilliantine Gel is mixed with Dry Paste, you get a lower hold factor with a higher shine performing more like a “cream” than a ‘paste,’” explains James. Instead of being glossy, it has a beautiful satin sheen finish with flexible hold that keeps hair in place, leaving tresses touchable. This becomes a perfect combination for short-to-medium-length styles if you want both texture and movement. Dry Paste is formulated with Keune Dry Cleaning Complex, making it the perfect second-day styler.


Power Paste + Straight Cream Keune Academy Trainer Chris Combs shared this recipe with James, and he loves it when creating an upstyle. Simply emulsify a tiny dot of Power Paste with a dime-sized amount of Straight Cream and distribute evenly. Straight Cream has a very soft malleable hold while Power Paste has a high hold as well and incredibly matte finish. This gives your style the control it needs. 

With Keune STYLE, there are no limits! What do you think about the new design? We’d love to hear your thoughts on social! We encourage you to keep discovering the possibilities and share your favorite cocktails with us on social! @KeuneNAmerica

If you would like to dive deeper into what STYLE has to offer, please keep an eye out for Keune Style Sessions, which will be available through your distributor. Or, check www.Keune.com/na for more information, including the calendar for our gorgeous Advanced Academy in Atlanta, GA.



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