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By | August 7th, 2019

Have your clients been asking how to get more volume in their styles? Due to the overwhelming amount of high hair on the runway, clients everywhere are looking for ways to add a more vertical structure and bounce to their looks. From accentuating natural texture to cutting techniques and tips to create new shapes, these are our go-to picks for adding volume and taking texture to new heights this season.


The Fundamentals

Volume can be achieved with styling techniques, products and cutting fundamentals. A fundamental rule is that short hair directs long hair. If you remember this simple concept while cutting, you’ll immediately know where to start when your client asks for more volume. By adding texture and invisible layers to their hair, you can easily increase their height with built-in volume and texture.


Perfect Texture With Product

The next thing to remember is that product is key to creating volume. Starting with a clean slate – Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are the obvious choice. Provitamin B5 to instantly thickens and nourishes the hair without weighing it down!


Prep strands with mousse prior to blow-drying to lock in volume with a weightless finish. Apply a golf ball-sized amount of Keune Care Absolute Volume Mousse to towel-dried hair and dry section by section for best results. Once the hair is dry, spray Style Freestyle Spray at the root to lock in your style and lock out moisture. Moisture from the environment is what can cause a hairstyle to fall flat. 


If you are working with natural curls, start by adding Style Curl Cream to cleansed strands and dry through a diffuser or air-dry. Do not pull curls apart or touch them until they are completely dry. Doing so will result in a frizzy finish. Once strands are completely dry, pulling curls apart is the key to a voluminous finish. Spray hair with Style Dry Texturizer and tousle curls with your hands. Then, layer Style Humidity Shield to keep those curls in place and fight against frizz!

The Finishing Touches

There is actually a great deal of strategy that goes into a great blowout. Pay close attention to the geometry of the head and the way in which hair falls. You’ll notice that you can combat a flat style by changing the direction of your brush and blow dryer. To achieve volume, over-directing sections of the hair with a round brush is the best way to achieve lift. This keeps the hair from lying down in the position it is used to. Keep the hair over-directed or in rollers to cool. Once hair is cooled, you can brush it into the desired finish.


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