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By | September 3rd, 2019

As students around the world head back to school, it seems like the perfect time for stylists to brush up on a few social media basics. From broadening your clientele to creating new marketing efforts, social media has proven to be the best way to grow your business.


We chatted with Dallan Flint, Keune North America Advanced Academy Trainer, about how his salon – Haus of Flint – uses social media to promote their work and connect with their community on the daily. He said, “We post our work, notes about availability and little things about ourselves and our personal lives. This helps foster a human connection and break any barriers people may feel. We find this to be important because sometimes going into a salon can be intimidating and we make it a point to reinforce on a regular basis that we are all fun, loving, caring people who accept all walks of life. Be sure to follow our journey or become part of it! Our hashtags for the salon are #HOFsalon, #HausOfFlint and #FreedomToBe.” 


Keep reading for the best ways to utilize social media in the salon this season.


Start With A Smile

Like any great social media feed – it starts with a great image. Not all clients enjoy being photographed, so start by asking for their permission. Once you have their permission, always take a “before” photo – even if you don’t post it. This still gives you the option to show off the transformation and show your client how far they’ve come.


Lighting Is Key

Next, find the light and don’t overly filter. You want to be sure you are photographing your work in a neutral setting and natural lighting is always best. Make sure the light is shining on your client and not behind them for the best shot. Avoid busy backgrounds or showing cluttered stations. Lighting is key because if you are highlighting your clients’ hair color, you want to be sure you’re showcasing the real color. Failing to do so can often create unrealistic expectations and unhappy clients.


Hashtag It Up

Hashtags are the best way for people to find your work through Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to use relevant hashtags and change them up often. Somewhere around 11 hashtags usually suffice without looking like spam. When choosing hashtags, look for ones with less use – if you use a hashtag with 30K photos versus 500K, you have a much better chance of being noticed.


Be Consistent

While personal photos can be great to throw in every once in a while, if you’re using your Instagram or Facebook for work – keep it that way. If you need another outlet, simply create a new account – one for work, one for fun! Apart from the feed, you’ll also want to post consistently. Aim for every other day and work up to once a day if that works for your schedule.


Give Thanks & Don’t Forget To Tag

From tagging the necessary products or stylists to thanking your clients, be sure to give credit where credit is due. Tagging the products you use is also a great way to get noticed by the companies you love the most!


On that note, we LOVE to see all of your latest hair transformations, product shots, before & afters and videos! However, we can’t see your amazing work unless you tag us. When bringing your Keune creations to life, don’t forget to get social and tag @keunenamerica.




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