It’s Time To Live Your Divinity

By | September 9th, 2019

It’s time to live your divinity! Challenging traditions, women everywhere are learning how to find their strength, flex their power and embrace their individuality. This all plays a part in finding their place in society – or sticking out from it!

At Keune, we believe that “There’s no wrong way to be a woman, and every woman has something powerful, even divine about her.” Which is where our latest color campaign stemmed from. Embracing both the beauty and the texture of their hair we present to you four new shades to help you live your divinity.


Designed to be worn with confidence the new shades are already starting a stir! Take a peek!


The Newest Shades:


A sparkly baby blonde finish, this shade is sure to turn heads. Use it as a high lift tint for highlights or as an all-over wash of magnificent color with gorgeous gold undertones.

Tinta Color and Semi Color 8.81

Light Blonde




Achieve the most neutral blonde shades with a metallic finish. Whether your client is looking for a root touch up or a few low lights, start here for a magnificent finish.

Tinta Color 7.18

Medium Metallic Blonde



Redheads have been on the rise this year and we can’t help but fall in love with this radiant bronze shade.

Tinta Color and Semi Color 6.43

Dark Copper Golden Blonde



Hair appears as if it’s glowing from within with this spicy honey shade. A welcomed change from Rose shades of seasons past, this formula adds depth and character.

Semi Color 8.52

Light Mahogany Pearl Blonde


How long can we Live Our Divinity?

As a limited edition range, the new Live Your Divinity Color Collection launched in 2019 and will be available for two years. At the end of this time, the most popular of the shades will be included in the Tinta and Semi Color range!


This is another reason why we want to see your most famed creations! Share your gorgeous looks and color formulas with us by tagging @keunenamerica and using #YourKeuneColor.


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