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By | September 15th, 2019

Men’s styling has transformed over the past few seasons. It has become about much more than just a new cut or color – it is a way to totally reinvent your style. Season after season it has been exciting to watch as trends have trickled down from runways, brands and stylists into the hands of clients who are stepping up their grooming acumen. In an effort to keep this movement going, we’re highlighting the top trends of the season and the top tips to discuss with your clients to get the look!


From hair care to the season’s best styles, this is everything you and your male clientele need to know. 


Hair Color For Men

Color for men has gone above and beyond the “Just For Men” vibes. Just like their female counterparts, men’s hair color has a wide array of shades that are now deemed acceptable. From adding in caramel highlights to dashes of fantasy shades – anything goes.


When discussing color with your male clientele the main factors they need to understand are: shade, placement, and upkeep. With the latter being the most important. Upkeep is a great starting point to begin the chat about color. If they want an all-over platinum shade or fantasy color – they will need to schedule regular appointments for upkeep and change up their hair care routine to prolong the color.


Placement will also dictate the amount of upkeep their new color requires. If you’re creating a lived-in highlight look with shades only a few levels brighter than their natural tone, they can get away with stretching out their appointments and using Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner in between. When discussing shades, pull up a few pictures. Because color might be a new realm for them, you’ll want to give them a visual lesson. Discuss the difference between level and tone and what shades you recommend for the look they want to achieve.


Growing Out Hair

If your client is a fan of Brad Pitt’s style – who isn’t? – Chances are he’s been asking you how to grow out his hair. Along with many of our other celeb favorites in Hollywood, runways are also showcasing length this season, which means your clients will be asking for it next! We personally love this style because it allows men to rely on new men’s styling and product techniques.


It is important to note that when men are growing out their hair, they still need to come in for regular trims – this helps cut down on the awkward grow out phase by adjusting their shape. Another tip you’ll want to teach them is the importance of using a blow dryer. Pairing a blow dryer with a 1922 by J.M. Keune product of their liking is the key combination to growing out their hair with ease.


Men’s Styling Product Favorites:

1922 by J.M. Keune Premier Paste – This matte definer is our number one product to pair with a blowout. It offers definition and strong hold while adding longevity to your look with an effortless finish.

1922 by J.M. Keune Classic Gel – When you really need to keep your style in place, this is the product to get the job done. From controlling cowlicks as they grow to getting a classic slicked back look – Classic Gel plus a directional blowout will keep any style in place.

Don’t Forget The Face!

Facial hair has easily become one of this season’s top men’s styles. The great part about it is that lengths off all kinds are accepted – with shorter styles being even more coveted. Well-placed scruff and manicured beards are the new normal when it comes to getting a complete look.


A key tip most men forget is to clean up around the edges. By cleaning up near the neckline and on the cheeks, it instantly creates a clean-cut look that can be worn for any occasion.


To get the look: 1922 by J.M. Keune Superior Shaving Cream is a must. With creatine to strengthen your hair, it is the perfect follow up post-shampoo!

Looking for even more men’s styling inspiration? Be sure to head over to @keunenamerica on Instagram to see our latest looks! 


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