Introducing Keune’s Newest Advanced Academy Trainer – Dallan Flint!

By | February 13th, 2019

Artist, educator and salon owner of Haus of Flint, Dallan Flint joins the ranks as Keune North America’s newest Advanced Academy Trainer! If you’ve seen his absolutely amazing work – from avant-garde creations to vivid color and precision cuts–you know that his work proves his talent time and time again. We recently interviewed Dallan to get to know this top talent.

What inspired you to enter the beauty industry? 

It’s actually a funny story. My mother forced me into it! At the time, it was the only extracurricular activity that had openings, so she enrolled me and forced me to go with my cousin to “keep me out of trouble.” Of course, I was a stubborn, rebellious, bratty teen who resented being forced to do anything I didn’t set my mind to. For the first few days to a week, I tried dropping out several times. Then, I changed my perspective and accepted everything as a challenge. It was then that I started to really enjoy myself. Once I gained a bit of experience and was able to start taking clients, I saw the joy and excitement that it brought. Hair services made a difference for my clients and that, for me, was the best feeling. It inspired me to stick with it, keep growing and keep learning. 

Tell us more about you, as an artist:

Originally born in Mexico, I was adopted at an early age and raised in Utah. I eventually moved to Hawaii where I met my wife and lived there for 5 years before getting a job offer that moved me back to Utah. My career has taken me all over the world. I’ve traveled to Colorado—where I lived there for a year—Idaho, Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, New York, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Cambodia.  I’ve been to IBS New York, IBS Las Vegas, Aveda Congress, Premiere Orlando, ISSE Long Beach, the North American Hairstyling Awards, the Alternative Hair Show in London, Global Networks in Japan, and Elgon Days in Italy.


What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

My Wife.  She is my muse, my creative outlet, and my manager. So she also keeps me in check when my ideas become too lofty or wild.  I also find a ton of inspiration in high-fashion magazines, both online and in bookstores.  I follow a few highly creative and artistic pages on IG, as well as fellow hairdressers that I look up to in the industry.


To what do you attribute your mass following on social media?

I have a great audience that has discovered me from competitions, collaborations, and my avant-garde or creative collections.  I also gained followers from the 8 years I was a freelance educator and in beauty schools I worked for. The rest are my friends and family!  What can I say, I’ve got a big personality and I’m pretty popular! *Hair toss*

Hair: @dallan_flint/Makeup: @reeveartistry/Photo: @mahalosnaps/Assistant: @mykletroye 

When did Haus of Flint open? 

Haus of Flint started as our brand in late 2015 through collaboration, education and photoshoots. During these times we got to know a person’s artistry on a deeper more intimate level, getting to know everyone’s greatest strengths and provide challenges to strengthen their craft. We’ve built many strong relationships through that process. Our brand’s philosophy is that under this roof, you can have access to the greatest in the industry, whether it be a barber, educator, colorist, makeup artist, videographer, etc. Haus of Flint is a one-stop shop, and we take our reputation seriously.  


What were the inspirations and ultimate goals behind the design of your salon? 

We wanted it to be gender-neutral, a space of luxury and relaxation.  Once we figured out the wall color, everything else started falling into place. Our metal of choice was a brassy gold and we’ve mixed modern with industrial pieces. Our pop of color is emerald green. The lights are dimmer than your average stark white salon to really set the mood.


What educational programs do you create within your salon to help you all grow together? 

Continuous education is KEY. We will take any education we can get.  We also let stylists share best practices on techniques they’ve practiced and mastered. Going to beauty conventions such as the International Beauty Shows and the International Salon and Spa Expo is crucial, as well, for exposure to the newest and greatest of tools, styling techniques, color, and all things education.

Hair: @dallan_flint/Photo: @mahalosnaps/Makeup: @sherricurtis/Model: @steviesmile 

Why do you believe it’s important to have education for your entire team?

Because we all need to be on the same page and up to date, as much as possible. Trends change so frequently that must keep up with the social media era.  It’s important to sound educated and confident in our abilities to gain a client’s trust and loyalty. We need to all learn the rules really well before we can break them, and occasionally go back to basics to have a humbling moment.


What about the Keune brand resonates with you? 

When I was first introduced to Keune, I was really touched by the amount of support that was offered for sponsorship in completing in NAHA 2015.  That year I used Keune Color and was nominated in the Hair Color Category. It ended up being an amazing experience.  Since then, I developed relationships with several individuals at Keune and have always felt appreciated and valued. That has always resonated with me deeply. It has been a goal of mine to partner with a major brand, and Keune has always stood out to me.  I love that fact that it is still family owned and run, and it’s a massively successful company that doesn’t treat its employees like a number. The company hasn’t lost focus on what matters – its people.  I am so proud to finally be a part of the Keune family, FINALLY!


What’s your favorite go-to Keune color line? 

Semi! My salon is a Semi salon for sure!  Love, love, love the Semi line!! My go-to Keune retail product? Keratin 2-Phase Spray, it is my absolute FAVORITE!! It’s perfect for every client.

Hair: @dallan_flint/Makeup: @daniexpertmua/Photo: @keithbryce_ 

How did you enjoy Keune’s Educator training and your experience working with the team at ISSE? 

The training was very inspirational, and I enjoyed collaborating with artists from all different walks of life from across the United States. There were no egos—just real, raw, honest conversations—and I LOVED that. At ISSE, it was really good to see some old friends and to make a bunch of new ones. I loved being able to work in a team environment with my hair dad, aka George Alderete, who is someone I’ve always looked up to in this industry. ISSE is always a good time. I thrive in that environment where there are time crunches, slaying over prep work, organizing looks, models, wardrobe, and choreographing the stage performance, and then at the end of the day grabbing a good meal and a strong drink before hitting the hay and starting the next day all over again. I just love the energy!


What do you look forward to the most in regards to working with Keune? 

I look forward to learning more, inspiring others, creating amazing hair, traveling to educate, growing relationships and inspiring a new generation of hairdressers. And if Keune were ever open to it, I would love to be on a team to create a direct-dye fashion color line.


Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun? 

I like to create hair pieces and experiment with different materials and shapes. I’m also a major foodie, so I love finding new places to eat.  It’s a huge part of my social life.

Hobbies? Cooking, Pinterest and creating content for social media.


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