Self-care Tips For Stylists

By | February 18th, 2019

Working in the salon, every now and again we hear about certain trends and buzzy movements that are making their way through the social sphere. From Hygge hair to bronde balayage, trends seem to change as quickly as the weather. However, there has been one movement that has blown into everyone’s lives and looks like it is here to stay – self-care.

Self-care is an extremely important aspect of everyone’s lifestyle—stylists and clients included. It is the process of taking a bit of time out of each and every day to spend on you. From indulging in a hair mask to reading up on the newest fashion trends, taking time for yourself has proven to be ultimately imperative to your well-being. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to spend some downtime that can also help you further your career!

Read Up On Trends

Catching up on the newest fashion magazines or hair blogs isn’t just great for your mind—it’s great for your book, too! Whether you’re picking up key celebrity trends or learning how to create an infinity braid, challenging your mind and picking up something inspiring will help prolong your stamina and your career.


Treat Yourself – & Your Clients

Take care of yourself first, before attending to clients. Similar to the way in which airlines ask you to “apply your oxygen mask first, then help others” in an emergency. The same goes for your hair. If you want to show your clients what you can do with their hair, first start with your own—and that means keeping it healthy! Not only is it a treat to apply a hair mask, sit in the bathtub and catch up on your favorite gossip mags, the added benefit for your hair will also translate to your business. When clients see your shiny, healthy hair – they’ll automatically know that they’re in good hands! *Added bonus – you can reference your hair when upselling in-salon treatments and at-home products!


Stretch Breaks

During the work day, taking adequate breaks is key. From stretching your hands to elongating your spine, partaking in simple exercises to strengthen and lengthen your muscles will help you in the long run. As stylists, we stand for most of our careers and oftentimes are leaning over clients or have our arms held in awkward positions. Learning a few key moves for your body can help distress and re-energize your performance. Start off by taking a weekly yoga class and asking your instructor about daily moves you can do at home and in between clients!


Eat Properly

Far too often stylists opt to grab lunch in-between mixing color instead of stopping for a proper meal. Who can agree? Next time you’re at home, and not in a rush, time how long it takes you to actually finish a meal—it really isn’t that long. Whatever the number is, make sure to block that out in your schedule and make a pact among your fellow stylists to help each other stick to it! Eating properly and without haste will help fuel your body and energize you for the tasks at hand.


Taking care of your body, mind and soul is just as important as the work you create for your clients. Be sure to slow down just slightly and pack in a few extra self-care moments for yourself each day!


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