Behind-the-Scenes: Keune’s Modern Salon Cover Shoot

By | April 26th, 2017


It is an absolute honor for Keune and the New Dawn Color Collection to be chosen for Modern Salon magazine’s May Color Issue cover. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it turned out, and are thankful for the team at Modern Salon who made it happen. The gorgeous outcome also had much to do with our incredible partner in editorial—and educational—crime, George Alderete, North American creative ambassador. The following is George’s behind-the-scenes look into Keune’s Modern Salon cover shoot.

The Team

“My experience with the Modern Salon cover shoot and team was so amazing. Everyone pulled together each other’s expertise to create an easy flowing momentum for the shoot. The team consisted of seven of us—photographer, makeup artist, clothing stylist, hair stylist, colorist and two assistants—who share a passion for creating images for the industry. Together with Maggie Mulhern, Modern Salon‘s Beauty and Fashion Director, and Jayne Morehouse, Keune’s PR agency, we worked hand-in-hand to create the right story through images. Carrie Juhasz Horton, who is a Keune Academy educator, took the train in from Connecticut to lend her talents for the day, too. It was a true collaboration!” 

The Scene

“The studio for Keune’s cover shoot was on the Lower East Side of New York City. The energy of the area sparked the excitement for the day. The spacious loft space with tall white walls, old exposed brick and the open industrial ceiling felt relaxed and like a great creative environment.”

How It All Came Together

“Once the opportunity was teed up by Keune’s Marketing and Education departments, I began working with Modern Salon’s Maggie Mulhern to discuss the model criteria and creative concept. Working with Keune New Dawn Color Collection, I drew out step-by-step color techniques and wrote content to support the educationally based readership that the magazine is known for. I complied Color Mood Boards utilizing one of the season’s biggest trends in hair color: Silver Lilac and Confident Copper, the two new colors that were chosen to feature for the shoot. Additional mood boards with clothing, fashion, makeup and the finished style were created as well. I envisioned the entire collection to be a complete inspiration that included Keune New Dawn Color and BLEND Style collections. The boards gave me a working tool to support my vision to present to the team. To have a storyline and vision is the key to optimize the best result for everyone.”   

The Cover Concept

“The Modern Salon May Color issue is all about what we see happening for spring trends. The release of both of Keune’s collections—New Dawn and BLEND—are on point to fit perfectly with what’s trending and what day-to-day clients are requesting in the salon.”

Key Notes

“There are so many fun moments as I reflect on that day…

This was Carrie Juhasz Horton‘s first NYC photo shoot, and to watch her see how it all came together was amazing. Not to mention her leaning over the kitchen sink rinsing, shampooing and detangling—now that was pure glamor! I can’t thank her enough.

Maggie had a huge red carpet microphone. I said, ‘Maggie, have you seen my new little mic I got online? You plug it right into your iPhone and voila, pure clean sound!’ She ran to her computer, looked it up and ordered it and immediately sent someone out to pick it up!

Watching Rod, the clothing stylist, set up the clothes, I thought, ‘Wow, it’s like Fashion Week!’ He had everything I wished for from my board and more.

And with a sweet swipe of the brush, David, the makeup artist’s, soft touch transformed each woman in seconds flat. He’s astonishing.

Bradley’s hairstyling hands were magic and he loves to fan the hair like no other … to get that perfect whimsical lift in the hair, he says—hilarious.

Last but not least, the one that captured it all. Roberto Ligresti Photography has graced so many covers and pages in the industry. He has the calmest demeanor and soft-spoken voice, yet his works speak volumes. It was a great experience I’ll never forget.”

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