Belvia Shore Reports: How to Go Blonde Safely

By | April 20th, 2017

Hair is a living organism that can be destroyed if not cared for by proper salon precautions and proper home maintenance. “Taking someone blonder when the hair fiber is not strong enough to do so will destroy the fiber, therefore killing the beautiful blonde outcome everyone is looking for,” cautions Belvia Shore, Keune Academy trainer. “During the blonding process, disulfide bonds are broken down inside the hair strand. These bonds need to be rebuilt.” In the following Q&A, Belvia chats about how to go blonde safely, including how to maintain hair’s healthy post-color service.

Are there more precautions to take for someone who is going from a darker color to light blonde?

Consultation is key when the beginning level is darker. Darker hair has a stronger pigment that is harder to lift through. Go blonde safely by always advising the client that this may take several sessions and that home maintenance is essential as well.

No matter how light you are going, Keune Bond Fusion rebuilds the disulfide bonds that are broken down inside the hair strand, all while maintaining the integrity of the hair and creating a lighter, brighter end result. Using Bond Fusion into each lightening session to maintain the integrity—strength and elasticity—of the hair and always recommending the Bond Fusion Phase 3 as a take-home product to maintain the Bond Fusion experience at home is a must! 

In your opinion, how does Bond Fusion benefit high-lift blondes?

High-lift blondes are still a high alkaline color so they still need special care as well. Alkaline is what opens the cuticle of the hair during which time disulfide bonds are still being broken down during the color process. So, the addition of Keune Bond Fusion is only going to give the hair the strength it needs to reform those bonds and be beautiful, shiny, bold, beachy blonde!

What are the step-by-step instructions on how to pair Bond Fusion with Magic Blonde Bleach?

Step 1: Simply following the inside instructions, add Keune Bond Fusion Phase 1 to your formula based on the total amount of lightener or color plus developer. 1.5 mls of grams for 30 mls or grams of total color amount (color/lightener + developer) or 3 mls or grams for 60 mls or grams of total color amount (color/lightener + developer).  Keune always recommends weighing your lighteners and all your color formulas for accuracy. Weighing your formulas ensures accuracy, decreasing unwanted variables, such as porosity, and eliminating the possibility of “banding.”

Step 2: Shampoo lightener/color with After Color Shampoo ONLY and follow with Keune Bond Fusion Phase 2 for five to 10 minutes. 

Step 3: Rinse Phase 2 thoroughly from the hair and follow with Keune Care Line 2-Phase Spray to further close the cuticle of the hair. Style with desired Keune products.

Please note: Adding more than the recommended amount of Keune Bond Fusion Phase 1 to your color formula does NOT further enhance the experience and treatment. Always use the recommended amount based on the total amount of product you are using. Phase 1 may be used back-to-back in your lightening process and in your toning process as well, then followed up by Phase 2.

Go Blonde Safely

How can blondes best maintain their hair’s health after a color service? 

To go blonde safely, clients should always follow up with Keune Bond Fusion Phase 3 to promote the Bond Fusion Experience. Longevity of Bond Fusion without the purchase of Keune Bond Fusion Phase 3 is approximately one week.

Care Line Tinta Color Shampoo and Conditioner is also a great take-home option as well.

For those guests who love to be Nordic or platinum blonde, try Design Silver Reflex Shampoo and Silver Reflex Conditioner followed by a Blonde Enhancing Treatment for maximum toning with enhanced volume. 

Keune also recently announced the new arrival of our Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray. This fantastic spray is a complementary product to all your neutralizing blond services. Depositing a violet corrective tonality, it can be used on wet or dry hair, before a toner or as your final tonal application. This product can be left in the hair for maximum neutralization or simply rinsed for those guests with more porous hair.  

Design Protein Spray is recommended for equalization of porosity in extremely porous hair. In this case, weekly treatments of Phase 3 as well as Keune Care Line Intensive Hair Repair is recommended for optimal results.

Interested in learning more about Keune Bond Fusion? Check out our handy FAQs here.

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