Curly Cues: BLEND Sao Paulo Men’s Hairstyle

By | April 27th, 2017

Curls, curls, curls! “This is one of the biggest trends for men and women alike for 2017,” says Creative Design Lead for Keune North America Shannon King. Keune’s BLEND Sao Paulo men’s hairstyle exhibits some major curly mojo.

“Through Fashion Week around the world to the main streets of Anywhere, USA, curls have taken over. This year is the big coming-out party of texture and curly-chic looks for everyone. Guys are rocking their natural motion, too!” Shannon says.

Below, Shannon walks us step-by-step through how to get this loose and free men’s hairstyle. But first, here’s a helpful video outlining all the steps to achieving this attractive, laid-back look:


The Products You’ll Need:

  • BLEND De-frizz
  • BLEND Refresh Spray
  • BLEND Wax

Create the BLEND Sao Paulo Look with These Steps:

Shannon details how to achieve the BLEND Sao Paulo style…

  1. Shoot in a bit of BLEND Refresh Spray in to jack up the natural curls. Lift up random sections of curls to inject the spray at the scalp.
  2. Next, mash up a few fingers of BLEND Wax and a pinch of De-frizz to really bring those curls to life. Mix them in the palm of your hands and emulsify to break them down and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add this cocktail to the mid-strands and ends of the hair throughout to create more texture and motion.
  4. Finally, blend in a bit more De-frizz with your fingertips to kill the “fuzz.” That’s it!

Interested in more curly hairstyle how-tos? Then check out Shannon’s tips on How to Curl Hair and Curly Hair Trends.


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