Exploring Color Chameleon with Chita!

By | March 25th, 2021

“Keune Color takes my breath away.” From the moment she was introduced to the brand, Chita Beseau admits she completely fell head over heels for Keune color. As the newest Keune Brand Ambassador, we sought to introduce her to the family, get to know a bit more about her as an artist and what she loves most about Keune Color Chameleon.

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Chita Beseau is an award-winning color visionary. As a stylist working primarily behind the chair, she splits her time between her salon suite and on set for hair shows and events. She thrives on expressing her talents through vibrant colors and out-of-the-box styling, which is what drew her to Keune.


Love At First Color

Chita’s goal is to give her clients the hair of their dreams. For her, this often involves creative colors and fun silhouettes to match. She was introduced to the Keune Color Chameleon direct-dye line by a fellow hairstylist, and as soon as she began working hands-on with the color, she knew there was no going back. Chita adds, “It continues to exceed my expectations, and I love the ultimate coverage it gives — because it allows me the confidence that it will not only cover greys but also leave a beautiful shine.”



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Chita’s Color Chameleon Tips

When it comes to creating the perfect finish, Chita knows that it all comes down to the prep work. She recommends ideally lifting a client to at least a level 9 in preparation for Color Chameleon services. When lightening, a common issue is maintaining a high level of shine. To ensure this, Chita recommends not using a developer higher than 20 Volume to ensure adequate lift while retaining the hair’s integrity.


Why Chita Loves Color Chameleon

Color Chameleon lives up to its name, literally. “When I am behind the chair, I want a variety of customizable shades. With Clear (to pastelize) and Dark (to deepen), these shade shifters create any color from pastels to vibrant hues and everything in between,” says Chita. Additionally, Chita adds that she has used Color Chameleon on dry or damp hair to achieve the same vibrant results. This versatility is a win-win in the salon as it cuts down on a client’s time in the chair.



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Chita’s Color Chameleon of Choice

A true Color Chameleon herself, as of late, Chita has thoroughly enjoyed mixing Green with Clear to create a “Mint” shade she is currently donning at the moment.

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