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By | April 14th, 2022

With clients extending the time between hair color appointments and wanting to re-establish a healthy foundation from the environmental stresses of winter weather, it is only natural that a hair color trend would be born from a return to natural roots. Enter: Expensive Brunette. 


The expensive brunette trend:

This trend was first coined earlier this year after celebrity and influencer Hailey Bieber began abandoning her bronde highlights in favor of her natural brunette hue. Due to the absence of regular highlight appointments, she began to notice how much she loved this new low-maintenance look and how much healthier her hair felt. The term simply refers to the hair color but is elevated with dimension and tone to give a luxurious yet effortless look. 


Get the look:

Highlights and balayage aren’t abandoned at all with the expensive brunette trend. Clients still want dimension and ask for tones closer to their natural level or a few shades lighter. The placement also focuses on framing the face and creating a few peekaboo lights throughout to ensure a ‘lit from within’ look. 


The Result:

  • Natural base shades will shine this season, with more clients opting for a natural root smudge or extended base. 
  • Colors will be more tone-on-tone
  • There will be a significant focus on hair care 

Variations of the trend:

After “expensive brunette” came onto the scene, “expensive blonde” and “expensive copper” began to trend as well. These shades aim to create a natural-looking appearance that enhances the client’s coloring to achieve the healthiest result possible. 


Inspiration using #KeuneColor:


Expensive Brunette:

This shade created by @_tatianeverissimo gives off sun-kissed vibes and features a gorgeous face frame while still allowing the brunette base to take center stage. 


Expensive Blonde:

We love the Keune color palette chosen by @amina_belokonskaya to create this tone-on-tone blonde result. Not only does it complement the client’s natural skin tone, but the placement is also blended with her base shade to create natural-looking highs and lows throughout. 


Expensive Copper:

The subtleness of this copper shade by @katerebelhair is precisely what this movement is about. This look showcases healthy hair results and a statement-making shine thanks to Keune Color!  

Interested in learning more about the benefits of Keune Color? Learn more about Semi Color Shades here and stay tuned to hear all about our Healthy Blonde Program — ideal for creating your healthiest and most beautiful blonde results yet just in time for summer! 

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