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By | May 2nd, 2022

Daily exposure to stress and sun can damage and dry out tresses, causing them to lose their luster and shine. As the summer heats up, Keune’s latest launch – Care Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath – could not come at a better time.

Stylists can now elevate themselves to spa-staus by offering clients the combination of a luxurious conditioning treatment with a relaxing massage experience. The results are hair that is noticeably softer and more lustrous. The ability to customize this effective salon-only service makes Spa Creambath a game-changer. A client will undoubtedly come to you again and again for this unique experience. Keep reading to learn what makes this latest addition to the Care Vital Nutrition range so compelling and how you can tailor it to your client’s needs.

Get to know Care Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath:

This potent treatment with little processing time is specifically designed to repair dry and damaged hair to create instant results for clients on the go. The formula features the Essential Mineral Complex and Nutri-injection technology to lock in moisture, prevent dryness, and promote scalp and hair health. Ideal for hair subject to daily damage from the heat and sun, Spa Creambath rejuvenates the hair by forming a protective shield to leave it smooth, soft, and with incredible shine. 


The Key Ingredient Details: 

Spa Creambath is enhanced with the Essential Mineral Complex, a blend of selected minerals vital for scalp and hair health.


Included in the Keune Essential Mineral Complex:

  • Zinc – promotes the development of new cells
  • Copper – stimulates hair growth
  • Silicium – fosters the formation of collagen and connective tissues
  • Iron – vital for protein formation
  • Magnesium – sustains energy production
  • Nutri-Injection technology – ideal for boosting hair and scalp health, this technology moisturizes the hair’s inner structure. It creates a protective shield to revitalize stressed strands, resulting in hair with noticeably improved shine and luster. Clients will also benefit from enhanced combability and, therefore, manageability.


In-Salon Experience Steps:


STEP 1 After completing a Care consultation, shampoo the hair with the selected Care shampoo.

STEP 2 Rinse the hair and towel-dry to remove excess water.

STEP 3 Apply 30ml Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath from scalp to ends and comb through hair to evenly distribute the product.

STEP 4 Massage scalp for 10-20 minutes using Keune’s suggested massage technique. This relaxes the scalp and provides a luxury experience for your client.

*TIP: The consistency of the product is between a conditioner and mask, making it perfect for a massage.

STEP 5 Rinse the hair thoroughly and towel-dry.

STEP 6 Style the hair using your favorite Keune Style products.

STEP 7 Provide your client with retail product suggestions to maintain hair and scalp health.


Spa Experiences to add to your service list:

The following ways to integrate Spa Creambath into your services ensure your client receives their ideal treatment and optimum results.



Express service:

Apply Spa Creambath and massage following a selected Care shampoo service for the on-the-go client. Work the formula into the scalp and hair and allow 10 minutes of processing before rinsing. This can be added before another service or as a wash-and-go massage treatment. 


Add shine:

Start by cleansing with Care Satin Oil Shampoo. Next, apply a Spa Creambath + Satin Oil Treatment mixture to the scalp and hair, massage thoroughly, allow to condition for 10 minutes, and then rinse. Finish by working Satin Oil Treatment into the mid-lengths, ends, and style as desired. Hair will feel supremely soft and have an enviable shine.


When extra nourishment is needed:

For the most luxurious spa experience variation, utilize this treatment. Cleanse with Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo, formulated with provitamin B5 to restore moisture balance and nourish the hair. Follow by applying a treatment of Spa Creambath + one Miracle Elixir ampule and allow 20 minutes of processing. After rinsing, apply Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler + Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream and style. This combination strengthens and restores the hair fiber to leave locks feeling soft and smooth. 


The takeaways:

Care Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath is the optimum salon service to offer clients who need a relaxing spa experience that improves their hair from the inside out. The added massage technique makes this treatment the ultimate luxury well worth the investment this summer season. 

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