Keune Educators: Which Travel-sized Products Are In Your Carryons?

By | December 6th, 2016

Isn’t everyone looking for ways to get smart with less these days? And we’re not just talking about the tiny-house phenomenon; the same goes for traveling and packing. Instead of toting a bazillion big beauty products around, the Keune team is getting savvy with bite-sized product must-haves that pack a big-beauty-duty punch while away from home. As we all gear up for more holiday travels, we took a peak at what travel-sized products a few Keune Educators—Amber Skrzypek-Palmer, Meghan Harrah and Jay Marshlick—keep in their carryons to inspire us all that traveling light is possible. Besides, that means more room for shoes, right?

Keune travel-sized products

Amber is gearing up to kick off 2017 with a bang as she heads up to Calgary, Canada to see old Keune friends and meet new ones. Here are her go-to travel-sized products and tips:

  • Clean cues: “I don’t leave home without my travel-size Keune Design Line Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the fragrance, the way it makes my hair feel and how easy my hair is to style after using it.”
  • Keep it together: “No look would be complete without hairspray! Which is why the travel-size Keune Society Hairspray is always in my bag. After styling, I flip my head upside down, give a light spray all over while holding the can about 10 to 12 inches away from my head, then flip it back and smooth into place.”
  • A better dry: “I learned early on in my travels to BYOB (bring your own blowdryer). Hotel dryers just don’t cut it, and its so much easier to recreate your at home style when you have all your at-home tools.”

The New Year will bring quite a bit of traveling for Meghan, as she will embark on Keune’s BLEND Tour to help launch the new BLEND line in Atlanta, New York City, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Plus, she and her new hubby are finally going on their honeymoon to Hawaii. Here’s what she’ll be packing in her carryon:

Travel-sized products

  • Color saver:Keune Silver Reflex Shampoo mini, to prevent any brassy undertones.”
  • Thick-hair treatment:Intense Hair Repair mini—my hair is super thick and I like a deep masque to help prevent any frizz. It is a great shaving cream, too!” 
  • An almost-all-in-one:Keune 2 Phase—it is my everything spray.  Heat protectant, UV-ray protection, de-frizz, de-static, de-tangle, quick fresh up, hair perfume…”
  • Essential tools: “I never leave home without my Ergo 53 round brush and Ergo Blowdryer.”

As for what’s in Jay’s travel carryon? He totes the same travel-sized products you would find in his gym bag, also the same products he uses in regular sizes at home. These favorites include:

  • Doing double-duty:Keune’s travel size of Care Line Man Hydrate Shampoo doubles for hair and body. I’m on-the-go a lot. The hours spent on an airplane can do a number on your skin leaving you dehydrated. So I need to take care of and protect my skin at all times. I love that the fresh, cleansing scent combined with essential minerals, rock crystals, carbo hydrators and bamboo leave my hair and skin nicely moisturized. I love that Keune has the handy travel size that goes everywhere with me in my gym bag, and my carry-on bag for travel.”
  • Holding up: “I also love the ease of using Keune’s Care Line Man Triple X Gel. I have fine hair and this gel magnifies my hair in a comb-with-your-fingers style that lasts all day. Rock crystals and rooibos combine to condition and protect the hair.”
  • Pure necessity: One other Keune product that is essential for my skin and hair is from Keune’s So Pure Natural Balance Collection. Right after my shower, I use the Argan Oil Light as a hair and body moisturizer.  When my hair and  body is still damp, I smooth a little of argan oil all over. This weightless oil absorbs in and leaves my skin and hair nicely moisturized.” 


Happy and safe travels, everyone!


So what’s in your travel carryon? If you’re a stylist who would like to order Keune travel-sized products, please contact your local distributor sales consultant. Bonus through December 2016: Purchase Keune Travel Size pieces at 15% off and receive a FREE organza bag with every two pieces purchased.

If you are a customer who would like to purchase Keune travel-sized products, please visit your local Keune salon.

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