The Top 7 Curly Hair Tips

By | March 9th, 2022

The holiday and winter season has been filled with blow-drys, up styles, and heat styling; give hair a break by embracing natural texture to personalize any upcoming spring style! From salon styles to cutting techniques and home care rituals — these are the top 7 curly hair tips!


#1. Cut hair dry

Clients with curly hair have many unique curl and growth patterns throughout their heads. This can impact the way curls fall when worn in their natural state, which is why it is best to cut curly hair dry. This allows stylists to see how curls fall, exactly how much length or weight is being taken off, and shape the hair’s overall silhouette. 


#2. Utilize Balayage

Whenever highlighting curly hair, balayage or free-handed techniques are usually best. The same way you can see where the hair falls when cutting hair dry is similar to seeing lightener placement when using a balayage technique. This allows you to paint individual curls or highlight shapes within the hair without the outcome looking streaky or chunky. 


#3. Detangle gently

Curly hair is rarely combed in a dry state. The exception to this is usually just before cleansing. It is always a great idea to detangle hair and comb it out before cleansing to cut down on hair fall and tangles. This will also allow for easier manageability in the shower when shampooing and conditioning. To do so, pick a comb or brush that will detangle without getting caught in your hair; boar bristle or nylon brushes are usually best. From here, section the hair and always begin at the ends of the hair, gently working your way toward the scalp to cut down on damage. 


#4. Wash with care

With workout or lifestyle routines, clients can get in the habit of over washing their hair. For curly hair, this can be detrimental to both the health of the strands and the hair’s ability to hold a curl. Curly clients should plan out their wash days and incorporate highly moisturizing cleansers and conditioners whenever possible. 

Product recommendation:

Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner

A highly nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner duo, Care Vital Nutrition is critical to restoring hair, leaving you with healthy, soft, and revitalized curls. 


#5. Be picky with your products

Products should be picked based on specific style goals while accommodating hair types and texture. To begin, curls need a great deal of moisture; from there, frizz, definition, and the finished style should be taken into account. A product routine could include a single leave-in or need several stylers layered to achieve desired results.


Product recommendations: 

Leave-in’s and styling:


Style Curl Cream

A great base to scrunch into hair as soon as you’re out of the shower. This styler helps activate your curl pattern and keep texture in shape. 


Style Power Paste

Layer this paste through damp or dry hair to add hold and a matte finish, giving you ultimate control of your curls. 


Style Precision Powder

Once hair is completely dry, Style Precision Powder can be added at the roots to create volume and movement to your curls.


#6: Hands off

While hair is drying, the general rule is to touch it as little as possible. Once the product is scrunched in, leave the hair to air-dry or carefully diffuse with a dryer until fully dry. Touching it too much while it is drying will only lead to friction and frizz.


#7: Don’t be afraid to touch up with heat

Curls don’t always behave how we want them to. Once hair is dry, an easy fix for this is by touching hair up with a curling iron. Pick a tong similar in size to your curl pattern and use a flat wrap to touch up any areas of frizz or ringlets that may have fallen flat.

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