Refresh Your Scalp Care Routine 

By | March 2nd, 2022

Slough off the drying effects of winter and get the scalp ready for spring! 

Men and women silently suffer scalp sensitivities or irritation daily, which is precisely why incorporating scalp-specific products into hair care routines is vital. 

Apart from comfort, the importance of scalp care has gained recognition for its ability to improve scalp function, manageability, and the health of hair. While an improved style is great, the goal of any scalp routine should be to reduce irritation and alleviate itchiness to result in a well-nourished, healthy scalp. To get your client’s scalp in shape, learn about improving your habits with our favorite product picks from the Care Derma Sensitive range. 


Scalp care just in time for spring

Hats, heaters, and cold, dry conditions will almost certainly leave any scalp feeling extra sensitive during the winter months. After such extended exposure, it is common to notice increased irritation, itchiness, and flakes as you prepare for the new season. Transitioning into spring, swap out products and refresh your hair care routine to soothe and hydrate an irritated scalp. 


First steps

When it comes to scalp care, the Care Derma line offers a variety of ranges to choose from, including Derma Exfoliate, Derma Regulate, Derma Activate, and Derma Sensitive. Adding to this line-up, the first step in your salon scalp care routine should always be the new professional in-salon treatment, Care Derma Peeling. This gentle exfoliator is formulated with key ingredients to loosen dead skin cells, stimulate cell renewal, and promote hair growth. Glycolic acid, often referred to as the holy grail of exfoliation, is a small-sized alpha-hydroxy acid that penetrates the skin to loosen dead skin cells. Natural perlite micro-grains stimulate cell renewal by reducing the thickness of the top layer of skin cells. Arginine, known for its excellent moisturizing and conditioning properties, helps promote cell growth. 



At the shampoo basin

  • Turn down the temperature of your water. When water is too hot, it dries the scalp, leading to more irritation. 
  • Once a tepid temperature has been set, wet the hair and start the scalp routine by applying Care Derma Peeling in vertical sections from the hairline to the nape and massage into the head. One full tube should be used for one treatment.
  • Massage the scalp in circular motions to stimulate blood flow and work the product into the scalp for about 5 minutes.
  • Rinse well and follow with a double wash of Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo. Then, condition with Care Derma Sensitive Conditioner or Mask for extra moisture to soothe a sensitive scalp and create a luxurious experience. Containing Keune’s Scalp Soothing Complex, this dermatologically-approved formula contains a nourishing blend of calming, healing, and itch-alleviating ingredients to cleanse, condition, soften and add shine to the hair while soothing dry scalps. 
  • If your client’s scalp needs a little extra TLC, follow up with Care Derma Sensitive Lotion after cleansing to further aid in calming and soothing the scalp. 



Style as desired

Now that the scalp is exfoliated and soothed, finish by styling with the desired products from the Style range. Have your client run their fingers through their hair so they can feel how much of a difference a refreshed scalp makes. Advise clients to pick up the Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask for at-home maintenance and be careful when heat styling as to not over-dry the scalp.

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