How To Achieve a Voluminous Blow-Dry that Lasts

By | February 14th, 2022

Achieving volume within any style can be a challenge in and of itself; getting it to last is another! Whether you’ve been struggling to achieve long-lasting results behind the chair or are offering tips to clients for home care, these are the best ways to achieve a voluminous blow-dry. 

Learning to create an editorial-worthy blow dry comes from experience. Any expert will tell you that product buildup and natural oil in the hair are the easiest ways to sabotage a grand style. For this reason, every step taken from the cleanse to the final mist of hair spray will determine the results of your style. 


Double cleanse to begin

Everything from hard water mineral deposits to product buildup will weigh down the hair, which is why the double cleanse is essential. Think of the first wash as a pre-wash to remove excess buildup. The second wash will actually penetrate, nourish and treat the strands to get them ready for styling. 


Don’t skip conditioner

Conditioning does have the ability to weigh down the hair, but it should never be skipped. Concentrate the formula on the mid-lengths and ends to add shine and ease manageability. 


Product recommendations:

Care Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Enriched with thickening Provitamin B5, this duo plumps strands without adding weight and sets your style up for success. 


Prep with purpose

Mousse has come a long way over the years, and Style Strong Mouse can add structure and lift without the flakiness or crunch associated with other stylers. Apply to the root area on damp hair and comb through before beginning your blow-dry. 


Pay attention to angles

The direction of the brush and airflow are two imperative factors when creating a voluminous style. Pick a round hairbrush with a wide circumference and work in clean sections. Starting in the mohawk section, as you roll the hairbrush up and back, mimic this movement with the concentration of your dryer’s air, using the heat to lift and smooth each section. Changing the angle slightly will direct the hair to move in a similar fashion. 


Completely dry the hair in each section

One of the biggest mistakes when drying hair is not entirely drying a section before moving to the next. If you notice a great deal of movement and volume at first that quickly gets limp or slightly frizzy, this is most likely the problem. 


Pick a finishing product based on hair type

While some hair types hold up well with hairspray, others perform better with a texturizer or even dry shampoo. 


Product recommendations: 

Style Precision Powder

For best results with exceptional volume, we suggest Style Precision Powder! Simply pump this texturizing powder at the root area and massage in the product with fingers for instant lift exactly where you need it. 


Style Soft Set Spray + Style Humidity Shield

Layer Soft Set Spray then follow up with Style Humidity Shield to add a flexible hold that won’t weigh down the hair while creating a moisture barrier and keeping the volume in place.

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