How To Prep Clients for Creative Color

By | February 7th, 2022

Most hair color trends never actually go out of style; instead, they evolve each season. Case in point: creative color! When creative color originally came onto the scene, it was reserved for specific hair types or levels. As innovation in lighteners and hair dye has grown, so have the possibilities for vibrant and pastel shades on various hair types and levels. 

Partnered with a lineup of Keune Lighteners, the Keune Color Chameleon direct-dye line gives stylists the ability to paint creatively with a wide variety of shades. Pick from nine inter-mixable shades in Yellow, Orange, Red, Maroon, Magenta, Rose, Violet, Blue, and Green, as well as two shade shifters in Clear or Dark to either deepen or pastelize the tone. Depending on the hair’s foundation and the desired result, a certain degree of prep will need to go into the color process. Learn our top tips to prep clients for creative color by reading below! 


Creative color always starts with the consultation

Performing a thorough consultation may already be part of your process, but it is a crucial component for the success of your client’s creative color. Most clients come in with a base level that will need to be lightened to a specific level before Color Chameleon application. Discuss everything from previous color services, pre-lightening, consistent color care, and the increased maintenance of a bold or pastel shade. Once you are both on the same page, ask for images to decide the exact colors you wish to create. 


Always discuss timing

Known for her creative color creations, we chatted with Brand Ambassador Chita Beseau to get her exclusive top tips for such appointments. She emphasized this in particular: to prepare clients for how long their appointment will take. As insignificant as it may seem, suggesting clients bring snacks will prepare their mental state for the process and ensure their comfort through its duration. “Creative color is a lengthy process that consists of lightening hair to a desired level, applying Color Chameleon, and drying the hair. This can take anywhere from 3 to 6.5 hours in some cases, so it’s best to chat about this with clients before beginning,” adds Beseau. 


Suggest a pre-color conditioning treatment

Color services can cause stress and damage to the hair. Before and after any service, clients should invest in a conditioning treatment either in the salon or at home. Focusing on the hair’s health ahead of time will result in better color absorption and shine. In the salon, 

Miracle Elixir is an ideal pre-conditioning treatment to suggest as it improves hair’s structural integrity. Another option is to apply a customized Care Mask mixed with your Keune You Elixirs of choice to achieve an even more significant concern-targeted result. 


Lightener choice is important

Each Lightener in the Ultimate Blonde range features unique properties to achieve the desired lightening result. A recent innovation, Bond Fuser Technology has been added to the Cream and Power Blonde formulas to improve its conditioning and nourishing properties for hair health. The added technology is especially critical as Cream Blonde lifts up to seven levels and Power Blonde lifts up to eight levels. For a full head application, you may want to try Ultimate Blonde Magic Blonde because it contains a unique chamomile extract that will protect the scalp. For creative color balayage, use the kaolin clay-based Ultimate Blonde Freedom Blonde Lightener, which offers a flexible texture for enhanced application and results.


Pre-lightening can be a process

From full-coverage to traditional highlights or freehand balayage, the lightening process may need to be achieved in stages once placement is decided. This is because to achieve a bold pop of color or a subtle pastel, hair needs to be pre-lightened to a high level (7 and above) to show off the true tone of the creative color. Although not always ideal for the client’s timeframe, pre-lightening is often the best choice to cut down on impacting the porosity and allows the hair to heal in between services, creating a healthy, smooth, shiny finish. Do not compromise the integrity of hair to achieve the client’s desired shade in one service. They will thank you for this down the line in their color maintenance!



Home care is key

Once the client’s desired color is achieved, clients should follow a thorough home care regimen to extend longevity and boost radiance. Why should clients invest their time and money to achieve gorgeous color, only to watch it quickly wash down the drain from poor maintenance? The answer is, they shouldn’t! Alongside quality hair care products, a few extra tips will help preserve their color.

  • Install a soft water filter (there are many inexpensive and easy to install options online and in major retail stores)
  • Cut back on shampooing frequency.
  • Deep condition once a week 
  • Use color care-specific shampoo and conditioner ( A customized Keune You formula potentially featuring a Color Elixir is an ideal option)
  • Always apply a leave-in conditioning treatment after cleansing
  • Prep hair with a heat protectant before heat styling


Product Suggestions:

Keune You Shampoo and Conditioner 

Offer to mix a custom formula for clients that includes both specific Care and Color Elixirs to keep the condition and vibrancy of Color Chameleon looking its best. 

Care Color Brillianz Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask

A moisturizing and gentle range for color-treated hair, this system protects and strengthens the hair while helping color last longer. 

Care Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler

Formulated with ceramide and wheat proteins, this cream strengthens the hair fiber and revitalizes damaged hair — a must throughout the pre-lightening process! 


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