The Best Summer Styles

By | June 15th, 2020

In this highly creative industry, hairstylists have the opportunity to trail blaze new trends each season. From endless sources of inspiration – T.V. shows, films, previous fashion week styles, and social media these are the top favorite summer styles to reference in the salon.


Trending Cut: The Modern Shag

The trend to cut hair shorter keeps growing. This summer, clients want a new way to wear short hair, which leads to the return of the shag with a modern approach. Instead of drastic layers and definitive lines, the modern shag will have soft layers and an abundance of texture. Accessorize with a hair scarf to add fun and flair to any outfit. Get summertime hair care and a gorgeous accessory by picking up the Keune Summer Care box set. *For a limited time, contact your local distributor to order Keune Sun Shield Shampoo and Conditioner and receive a summer hair scarf for a total of 43% savings!


Trending Color: Hints of Pastel

Add a touch of pastel to pre-lightened hair to achieve the perfect amount of desired change. Placement can be adjusted in a variety of ways. From dip-dyed ends to a unique face-frame effect, painting with Keune Color Chameleon ensures total creative control. Select from nine colors and two shade shifters to pastelize or darken for endless possibilities.


Trending Style: Undone Texture

Warmer weather lends itself to embracing natural texture and the new season will usher in a new wave of undone texture. For fresh ways to maximize this effect, explore this range of Keune products to suggest to the individual’s style.


For existing natural texture:

Whether wavy or curly, the client will most likely air-dry their hair to capitalize on their texture. The stylist should suggest product options that define and enhance natural texture while also preventing frizz.

Suggest: Style Salt Mist for waves and Style Curl Cream for curls.


To emulate natural texture:

Recreate a slight bend, wave, or curl with the use of hot tools to get the look. To help keep hair healthy while adding texture, use a heat protectant as well as a texturizing product to finish.

Suggest: Style Blowout Gelee for heat protection and Style Dry Texturizer for volume, texture, and hold.

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