Sun Protection for Your Hair

By | July 13th, 2017

You may be slathering on that sunscreen to protect your skin and wearing shades to cover your eyes as you’re outside this summer, but have you thought about sun protection for your hair? Although your hair cannot get a sunburn or skin cancer, sun protection is important to hair due to the harm that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause. “Excessive sun exposure is the most frequent cause of the hair shaft’s structural impairment. Not protecting your hair from sun damage can cause protein and pigment loss,” explains Keune Academy Trainer, Alicia Orabella. Whether you’re a stylist or a consumer, it’s good to be informed on sun protection for your hair in order to know how best to take care of that lovely color you just created or color job you just received. 

Hair Colors Change Hues

You’ve spent precious time and dollars at the salon to maintain that gorgeous hair color, so think about protecting your hair as protecting your investment! “Excessive sun exposure can cause over-oxidation of blondes, rich browns and warm reds, making them go brassy,” says Alicia.

How to Protect Strands

Alicia recommends wearing a hat and applying products specifically made for your hair while it is out in the sun and afterwards. These products can include protective sprays or oils as well as shampoo and conditioner that repair locks after a day in the sun. Alicia likes Keune Care Sun Shield, formulated to protect your hair from elements such as the sun, salt water, rain and chlorine. It provides UV protectors and active proteins to restore the hair.

“Whether I am visiting my family in Cabo San Lucas, spending a day by the pool or a weekend boating, I cannot live without Keune’s Sun Shield! The shampoo gently cleanses and removes traces of sunscreen, chlorine and salt water, and leaves hair feeling clean and moisturized. The conditioner hydrates and smoothes your hair with essential minerals and shea butter, restoring moisture balance and shine. Sun Shield Oil is a must-have! I have fine hair, but this SPF 8 oil doesn’t weigh it down. I reapply throughout the day to protect my hair from the harmful UV rays and it locks in moisture to protect it from drying out,” Alicia says.

She also recommends keeping a bottle of Care 2 Phase Spray in your bag. It’s loaded with essential minerals, helps restore moisture and is a great detangler.

How to Use Sun Protective Products

If you have access to a shower before hitting the pool or beach, get your hair wet, apply Sun Shield Conditioner and Sun Shield Oil. Next, shampoo immediately after a day in the sun. Then, apply 2 Phase Spray after shampooing and conditioning to add a bit of extra detangling and moisture on longer hair.

It’s not all that complicated right? Now you’re all set with sun protection for your hair!

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