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By | June 30th, 2017

At Premiere Orlando, Keune Color Ambassador George Alderete focused on advanced formulation techniques using Keune’s hair color portfolio during his packed classes. “I call it Swipe, Swatch and Learn,” he says. “If a client swipes on her phone to show me a look she’d like, I swatch it to determine the best path to achieve it, and then I learn the best approach through practice. It’s a perfect approach to bring back excitement for clients you have seen for years and get you out of a rut.”

Alderete also focused on how to be more creative using all of Keune’s tools, including Mix Colors, to go beyond standard gray coverage, highlights and balayage. “Keune’s Mix Colors can be intermixed to create beautiful tones and shades, including vibrants and pastels,” he says.


In Bellevue, Washington, Salon Services’ renowned Trifecta Show featured Keune’s Edward Woody, George Alderete and Thomas Slonaker. Preparation was key to the standing ovation, according to Alderete.

“While the other brands offered inspirational work, we took stylists on an educationally driven journey,” Alderete explains. “We prepared mood boards and presented complementary design/style and hair color stories for our models. We showed befores and gave them the formulas, so they took home usable techniques to use in the salon.”


“Being in a creative space with some of the world’s most respected and admired hair stylists was such an incredible opportunity for me and for every attendee,” says Slonaker. “On the stage, there was magic created when you truly can connect with your audience and enjoy your craft. The event was a labor of love for the hair community. It would be hard to leave an event like this without some kind change that takes place inside of you, and with that I can say Trifecta was truly the gift that keeps on giving.”


“We are so proud to host Trifecta, as it has developed its own reputation as featuring the highest caliber stylists on one stage, demonstrating editorial photography, fashion and hair artistry! Adding the Trifecta Hairstylist Awards this year illustrated the collective creativity of our industry,” says Sydney Berry, Owner and President of Salon Services.


“Trifecta is an opportunity for hairstylists to join together and witness the latest trends in the industry, and then take back into the salon to create a memorable experience for their guests. We touch our clients on a day to day basis and without these talented hairstylists, many lives would not be the same,” adds George Learned, Owner and Vice President of Salon Services.


While Keune did not sponsor the American Board of Certified Haircolorists’ Energizing Summit this year in Los Angeles, five of our educators led sessions, showing their strong personal commitments to education. ABCH facilitators Courtney von Berg and Jay Marshlick led programs on Mastering Undertones and The Art of the Highlight Retouch, respectively. Master Roy Peters showed attendees the importance of Framing the Face with Hair Color. And because great color needs to accent the perfect cut and style, Mike Karg presented The Karg DryHairCut 2017: All American Hair, and Shannon King shared The Art of the Big Finish. Congratulations to all for helping your colleagues become better trained at their craft.


Finally, also in Southern California, Keune distributor Elite Salon Services, along with Beyond Beauty Parlour, hosted one of the world’s most visible hair stylists, Russian hairdresser Georgy Kot. This supreme entertainer and social media darling, with more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram at @georgyikot, conducted a master class in updos, braids and his famous hair sculptures, mesmerizing stylists with his innovative techniques. He relies on Keune’s Design Volume Powder, Brilliant Gloss Spray and Shaping Hairspray as foundations for creating incredible styles with superior hold, shine and flexibility. Kot then guided attendees during hands-on styling sessions. Although Kot doesn’t speak English, stylists all speak the language of Keune.


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