Hair Mask Hacks from Keune’s Jessica Ronning

By | July 25th, 2017

It’s the heart of summer and hair is going haywire. Have you looked at your hair mask situation lately? Do your salon masks meet your customer needs? Does your at-home mask meet your hair needs? Below, Keune Regional Educator Jessica Ronning offers up five of her favorite Keune hair masks to solve a variety of issues—from maintaining hair color to deep conditioning frayed strands to reducing frizz and more!

“What I love about all of Keune’s masks is that stylists can use them in the salon, but our guests can also take them home to help maintain their hair,” explains Jessica. 

Get her hair mask hacks right here and turn those damaged strands into shiny and healthy locks for the rest of the summer:

hair mask hacks

Hair Mask: Care Curl Control Mask 

Good for: Curly, dry hair

“I love this mask for curly hair because it gives curls shine and softness without weighting down the curls. It also helps reduce frizz,” Jessica says.

Ingredients: Wood-derived ingredients intensify curls and reactivate the curl pattern. Provitamin B5 provides moisture control.

How to use it: Once a week, shampoo the hair and apply this mask to towel-dried hair for three minutes. “I tell guest after apply mask to wrap hair in towel and let it set while shaving legs,” Jessica adds.

Care Satin Oil Mask 

Good for: Dry and dull hair

“I love this mask because it makes dry hair feel soft and silky. Especially in the summer when we are out in the sun, pool and beach and our hair looks and feels drier than normal, this mask makes hair look shinny and feel soft again,” Jessica says.

Ingredients: It is enriched with maracuja-, baobab- and monoi oil.

How to use it: Once or twice a week, after shampooing, towel dry the hair and apply this mask for 3 minutes. “I like to add a few drops of the Care Satin Oil Treatment to this mask for more intense nourishment and shine,” Jessica advises.

Care Keratin Smooth Mask 

Good for: Chemically damaged and frizzy hair

“This mask is amazing. It strengthens the hair while making it smooth and shiny,” Jessica explains.

Ingredients: Keratin rebuilds, repairs and protects the hair while peptides restore damaged hair.

How to use it: One to two times per week, apply it to towel-dried hair for 3 minutes. 

hair mask hacks

So Pure Recover Treatment 

Good for: Damaged hair

“This mask is the bomb because it repairs the hair from the inside out, making it look and feel healthy again.”

Ingredients: Ylang ylang, palmarosa and avocado oil strengthen and condition the hair; coconut oil repairs the hair and argan oil further strengthens hair and promotes a healthy scalp.

How to use it: Once per week, shampoo the hair, then towel dry, apply and leave it on for 3 minutes. “In the salon, I love adding in So Pure Essential Oil to enhance the benefit of the treatment,” Jessica adds.

hair mask hacks

Design Color Care Treatment

Good for: Any hair type that has been colored

“There are so many elements that can affect our clients’ hair color, such as being out in the sun, in the pool, or everyday activities like blow drying or flat ironing their hair. This mask will help keep color lasting longer while improving the strength and adding shine.”

Ingredients: Silk protein conditions, solamer provides UV protection and LP 300 helps stabilize the color.

How to use it: Each week, shampoo the hair, then towel dry, apply and leave it on for 3 minutes. 

What’s your favorite hair mask hack or product? We want to know! 

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