Alicia Dixon Answers: Should You Detox Your Hair?

By | June 21st, 2017

Detoxing in the most general of terms is giving yourself a break from something that can be unhealthy for you, whether that’s a Whole 30 diet to get rid of your fast food habit or removing chemical-laden cleaning products from your home’s cabinets. Along the same lines, it’s good to detox your hair every now and then to give it a break from things that can damage it, such as chemicals and heat. “We all love a good chemical service, but from time to time, take a moment to focus on giving your hair nourishment!” encourages Alicia Dixon, regional educator and Keune Academy trainer. 

Who Needs a Hair Detox?

Anyone who colors their hair, blowdries it or uses hot iron tools should give their strands some TLC. “Blondes will need to detox the most, but anyone who colors their hair is still putting chemicals on it. Even people who don’t color, but get keratin treatments or perms and relaxers, need it,” explains Alicia.

What Happens If You Don’t Do It?

Alicia says, “Your hair becomes brittle and dry after too much heat and chemicals. What’s important here is staying ahead of the curve—if your hair feels healthy, do things to KEEP it healthy. If it feels dry, you’ll need to do even more to get it back to its healthy state.”

How to Detox Your Hair

Here, she gives us the scoop on five great ways to detox your hair.

  1. Take a break from heat styling! This includes the blowdryer. Let your hair air dry and embrace your natural texture. If you can’t get down with your hair in its natural state, try braiding it loosely and sleeping on it. The key here is a loose braid to avoid it looking crimped.
  2. Skip the highlights. Take a session that you would normally have your highlights touched up and get a root shadow with a glaze through the ends. You’ll still have your roots blended so you don’t feel the regrowth, but you can avoid bleaching your hair.
  3.  Bond Fusion it up. Keune Bond Fusion is a wonderful thing to do when you’re feeling dull, but trying to lay off the chemicals. Get a Bond Fusion treatment and it will give you shine that brings your hair back to life, and help you keep your hands off of the flat iron because it can help reduce frizz.
  4. Shampoo half the amount your normally do. The natural oils your scalp produces can be super beneficial to your hair, so let it soak them up! The longer you can go between shampoos, the better. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver here, and so are braids, cute ponytails and cute hats. I also like to use Keune’s Exfoliating Shampoo to help clean up my scalp and rid it of any product build up.
  5. Sleep with a nourishing masque in your hair. I like to use Keune Care Intensive Hair Repair, you can put it on your dry hair (it’ll soak more up!) shampoo it out in the morning and then let your hair air dry with some Keune Care Keratin 2-Phase Spray.

As stylists, we want our clients to have healthy hair. It only makes us shine when they do! So, if you notice that a client is in need of a little TLC, help them by advising them on the above five steps. They’ll thank you for it! 

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