Summer Hair Care Rituals

By | July 20th, 2018

During the summer months, sun exposure is at an all-time high. We as stylists know all too well the toll that sun can take on our skin as well as our hair. We’ve been trained to take environmental factors into account when creating a style or fixing a look that the sun has weathered. Taking things a step further, creating a summer hair care ritual with our clients can ensure happy salon visits and seamless vacations.

When the sun shines, all we want to do is get outside. Whether it’s on a paddle board or simply boarding a plane for some much needed little R&R. As your clients jet off to vacation you’ll want to remind them of some ways to keep their style in check.


How To Bond With Your Clients

With the popularity of Instagram and Youtube, clients want more information than ever and you are the perfect resource to teach them in person, creating even more of a bond between you two. Use the time you have with them while they’re relaxing in your chair to educate them about how to change up their routine during the summer months. Whether getting your client’s hair in shape on the home front or looking for a way to tame it abroad, these are our top tips for educating your clients about combating summer sun damage.


Hair Color

You worked hard on your client’s hair color, the last thing you want to do is see it fade while they’re away. Before they leave offer them an in-salon treatment to lock in their color and add a boost of shine.

The Keune Care Miracle Elixir is a perfect first step to take in the process. Miracle Elixir Booster can be added to any Care mask – allowing a customized experience for your client – and visibly reduces hair damage by up to 80%!

Make sure to send them home (or abroad) with Care Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray. Helping prolong the softness of their treatment for up to 5 washes, this will keep their hair in tiptop shape no matter what they’re doing. The combination of having the in-salon treatment and using Care Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray while away will ensure that your color creation makes it around the world and back still looking fabulous.

Hair Health

Have you noticed more and more of your clients are sitting in your chair with the same problem? Dry, damaged, and tangled ends? While you can remind them that getting regular trims can combat this, giving them a task to complete in your absence will also make them feel like they can take hair maintenance into their own hands.

The Care Vital Nutrition line is a great system to transition your clients to this summer. Its main purpose is to restore stressed strands while protecting from dehydration and harmful UV rays. If your client is looking to grow length or maintain a healthy luster, Vital Nutrition is the choice for them. With a shampoo designed to restore moisture balance and conditioner that re-energizes as it detangles, this duo will bring their hair back to life. If they’re looking for a little extra TLC adding the Care Vital Nutrition Mask or Porosity Filler will fulfill their needs. Enriched with ceramide and wheat proteins, Care Vital Proteins Porosity Filler will work to strengthen the hair fibers while creating a barrier around damaged areas.

Sun Protection

While sun protection is usually discussed when it comes to skincare, sun protection in regards to hair care is gaining traction. Whether clients are looking to prolong their color, add shine or grow their hair – sun protection is one of the most underrated elements that they should be paying attention to. Luckily for them, Keune has a system devoted to their sun needs!

With Keune Care Sun Shield Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil they have a personalized system to combat the harmful effects of UV rays. Helping protect from the sun, the sea or the rain, the Care Sun Shield line will work together from style concept to completion.

Keune Care Sun Shield Shampoo gently cleanses hair of all traces of sunscreen, chlorine or salt while adding moisture. Followed by the Care Sun Shield Conditioner, filled with essential minerals and Shea butter this will work with your client to combat environmental effects and restore their moisture balance leaving them with soft, shiny, silky hair all summer long. Last but not least, don’t let your client leave the salon without Care Sun Shield Oil. Equipped with SPF8, this oil will lock in moisture and shine while creating a barrier against harmful UV rays.

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