Keune Debuts Two New So Pure Natural Balance Color Collections

By | July 27th, 2018

This month Keune debuts two new So Pure Natural Balance Color Collections: Luminous Pearl and Cover Plus. With these additions, colorists can offer their clients a broader range of results.

After a summer of stretching salon appointments and slacking on maintenance, clients are ready for some repair work. There’s no better way to add shine, depth and dimension than with hair color! Our two new ammonia-free So Pure Natural Balance Color Collections: Luminous Pearl and Cover Plus nourish and soften grays with ceramides as they color, while argan oil and phytokeratin leave the hair strong and glossy—the perfect post-summer rebound.



Luminous Pearl

The new Keune So Pure Luminous Pearl Collection features three iridescent, soft blonde fashion shades inspired by jewels, the inside of seashells and mermaid treasures. The beautiful hues include 9.72 Very Light Pearl Blonde, an icy-cool blonde; 9.25 Very Light Pearl Mahogany Blonde, a soft rose gold; and 8.23 Light Pearl Golden Blonde, a sunshine iridescent shade.

Cover Plus

The new Keune So Pure Cover Plus shades—8.00 Light Blonde, 6.00 Dark Blonde and 4.00 Medium Brown—contain extra pigments that penetrate deep into each hair to provide extra grey coverage without additional mixing. Nourishing ceramides help soften stubborn greys.

It is great to communicate to clients that Keune So Pure Color products are ammonia-free with a natural jasmine and sandalwood fragrance. Their conditioning coconut-based formulas are enriched with argan oil and phytokeratin, leaving the hair with extra strength and glossy shine. Clients can truly have it all!


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