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By | February 28th, 2017

We know that Keune’s Market Leader Salon Experience creates a total “WOW!” factor for attendees. But it’s always heartwarming to receive feedback like the one below from a salon owner following her trip to the Keune Advanced Academy. As you might guess, she’s already converted to Keune.


“I sincerely desire to appropriately and adequately express my heartfelt gratitude for being given the most incredible and indulgent experience of my professional career! It was unparalleled! The two words I used to describe Keune when we met at the Academy Monday morning were “first class.” Simple, yet absolutely complete. From the first time I used the color, to my first educational experience in October, I was fully convinced that this was the product, the company, the people, the experience and the relationship I have searched for my entire career. It is all very exciting! I am enthralled, energized and enthused. I have longed for and hungered to be a part of something like this. It is affirming to feel so aligned with the culture and values of Keune, including their very evident commitment to excellence,” writes Michelle Cronin, owner, Michele Cronin Salon.


Jody Pontrello, regional sales manager says, “People are touched by our program. They have a lot of fun as they learn about Keune and are inspired to be part of something bigger. As salon owners, they build immediate camaraderie and start to share information. Educators George Alderete and Gareth Palmer provide the perfect brand overview and experience.”


Jody notes that she specifically does not include a sales pitch in the program. Not only is that low-key approach appreciated, it works over and over again.


She explains that at the recent program there was one salon owner with multiple locations who kept to himself, didn’t eat lunch and stood with his arms folded the entire day. “When we got to the end and I asked him for his one word, he finally unfolded his arms and said, ‘I thought I was walking into something like Amway. I was waiting for the pitch. It never came. I only have one thing to say: How soon can you get my older color out?’ He converted completely.”


The Market Leader Salon Experience has become so hot that Gino Barbo is selecting salons himself to send to the Keune Advanced Academy. The weekend is free to top salons with the potential to take on Keune. If you’d like to invite market leaders in your territory, contact your distributor principal or Jody at

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