How are Your Customers Using Bond Fusion?

By | March 1st, 2017

And speaking of Bond Fusion, there’s a use for it with every client service. Who doesn’t want stronger, more conditioned hair with gorgeous body and shine?

We asked our educators to share some of their favorite ways to use it, and below are 10 helpful tips. We suggest that you share these tips with your salons and encourage them to create their own Bond Fusion Service Menu. Consumers are gaining awareness of this new product genre and service, so it’s key for salons to provide information about them right up front.

  • The Blonde’s Best Friend: Of course, we developed Bond Fusion to repair and prevent any damage done by the lifting process. Use Phase 1 according to directions throughout your blonding service.


  • The Frizz Fighter: When you ask clients to name their biggest hair challenges, frizz tops the list. You can add a Bond Fusion service to any cut or styling service to fight the frizz, then send Phase 3 home with the client to keep it under control until her next visit.


  • The Add-On Strengthening Treatment: “To revive damaged hair inside and out, I mix together 1 part of Phase 1 and 2 parts of Phase 2, apply to the hair and leave on for 10 minutes without heat,” says Keune Educator and American Board of Certified Hair Colorists Facilitator Jay Marshlick. “Then, I rinse and style. Phase 1 provides more internal protein while Phase 2 smooths the cuticle for a beautiful finish.”


  • The Fine Hair Blowout Booster: “Bond Fusion Phase 2 is the best conditioner I’ve ever used on fine hair,” says Marshlick. “It makes fine hair feel full and alive without weighing it down or causing frizz. I recommend a treatment even for clients who have booked only blowouts. They see and feel a difference in their hair immediately. Even when I don’t do a full treatment, after shampooing and conditioning, I take a dime-sized dollop in my palms, work it through the hair and then blow-dry it into her hair. It makes the hair stronger, leaves it feeling lighter and gives it shine it doesn’t normally have.”


  • The Wavy Hair Strengthener: “I have a client with medium-textured, naturally wavy hair that is heavily highlighted, and she wants to wear it as along as a goddess,” Marshlick says. “I gave her a Bond Fusion treatment, and as a result, she can wear it longer and continue to blow-dry it. The texture feels better and has shine that it has lacked for many years.”


  • The Powered-up Perm: “Keune’s Keratin Curl is a light perm with keratin in it,” Marshlick says. “The way perm technology works is it first breaks bonds and then forms new bonds. Our perm provides a softer, more natural wave, as opposed to a tight curl. When working with gray and white rods on fine hair, I process the perm first, then apply Phase 1 to the neutralizer and process. The result is much stronger hair. We don’t use Phase 2 in this case, because it will soften the finish, but at the next appointment, I will apply Phase 2 before the blowout.”


  • The Gray Revival: Keune Educator Gabby Miley loves Bond Fusion for natural distressed gray hair. She says, “As hair matures, it will either soak up hair color like a sponge, appearing darker, or the opposite happens, and it will repel the color like an armored shield,” she explains. “When I use Bond Fusion in my gray hair formulas, the result is full coverage color, stronger hair and a ton of shine—the perfect antidote to aging hair!”


  • The Soother for Heat Addicts: “When clients use super-hot blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and other styling tools day after day, the hydrogen and salt bonds in their hair get distressed and can’t retract, resulting in serious mechanical damage. A Bond Fusion treatment repairs those bonds and prevents future damage, while home use of Phase 3 continues the repair between salon treatments.”


  • The Curly Girl Glamour Booster: “The curly girl who rocks her curls but also loves to straighten them out depending on her mood has different needs from those who wear it curly every day,” Miley explains. “Curly hair is sensitive. The more you touch it with your hands, the more temperamental it becomes. When you stretch it while smoothing, style with a flat iron or even brush it, you are separating the hydrogen and salt bonds from their natural connections. A Bond Fusion stand-alone treatment is amazing for this! Once you wet the hair, Bond Fusion ensures that the bonds retract back to their natural connections. Amazing!”


  • The Double Process Blonde: Miley adds Bond Fusion into her Keune Lightener of choice, then adds it into her Semi Color toning formulas after a bleach service.

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