Woke Up Like This: BLEND Sturdy Sydney Men’s Hairstyle

By | February 22nd, 2017

Keune’s BLEND Sturdy Sydney hairstyle for men is what Alicia Dixon, Keune Academy trainer and regional educator, describes as the men’s version of longer ‘I woke up like this hair.’ It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, but you can still tell your hair how to sit.

“I think the reason ‘hipster’ hair like this Sturdy Sydney BLEND style is so in, is because it’s meant to look easy. It’s real life in a hairstyle—it moves and it has personality, and it’s a little dirty because life’s a little dirty. It’s more fun that way,” says Alicia.

Before you get started, take a peek at the Sturdy Sydney Video outlining all the steps to achieving this handsome look:

The Products You’ll Need:

  • BLEND Wax or Fiber Wax
  • BLEND Paste

“BLEND allows you to customize the product for your own hair. If you have naturally oily hair, you can skip the Wax and use Paste and Fiber Wax instead—it still gives shine, but not quite as much. The shine and hold factor are right on the package, so it’s really easy for men (and women) to tell exactly what they’re getting when they use something from the BLEND collection,” Alicia explains.


Create the Look with these steps:

Alicia walks us step-by-step through the Sturdy Sydney style…

  1. Blow-dry hair with just your hands to enhance natural texture or let it air dry completely.
  2. Mix BLEND Wax and Paste together. A dime-size amount of each works for medium-length hair. 
  3. Take the wax-paste hybrid and start applying it at the roots. Applying product to the roots allows you to direct the hair to where you want it to sit.
  4. Next, work it through the ends. Applying product on the ends adds that great grungy texture.

And voila! You have yourself the BLEND Sturdy Sydney “I just woke up like this” men’s hairstyle. 

Interested in more hairstyle how-tos? Check out BLEND’s Daring Detroit textured hairstyle here.



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