Steps for Success: Hit the Ground Running in 2021

By | January 4th, 2021

It’s been a challenging year for salons and stylists all over the world. Unexpected changes and uncertain times have left many struggling in both business and fresh inspiration. However, through adversity, innovation is born. The resilience and perseverance of the beauty industry have inspired those within and outside of the community. Supportive teamwork proves we are stronger together. As we round a corner to a new era in beauty, let’s all hit the ground running into a prosperous 2021! Keep reading for a few of our top tips.

Invest in Yourself

Education and experience are consistently at the top of the list of requirements to grow and succeed in this industry. To help reinvigorate your passion for hairdressing, brush up on some of the top educational offerings from Keune. In March 2020, Keune Education launched Academy Live on the Keune North America Professional Facebook page to support hairdressers virtually through free online education. Now is the perfect time to freshen those techniques. Just as you may catch something new when you rewatch a movie, open up the opportunity to discover more by rewatching some of your favorite sessions. It may inspire you to explore a new approach, add a skill to your service list, or invest in even more education in the future.

Get Organized

So you organized your brushes or the back bar, now take a look at your digital services. Without fail, clients are eager for a new style once that ball drops, so get ready to welcome them with ease. From social media to salon booking systems, spend time creating a strategy and pre-planning social media posts and specials, or invest in that dream online booking system to free up more time in the salon. While it is essential to spend time on digital projects consistently, this year, it will be more critical than ever to be hands-on in the salon to practice and increase behind the chair efficiency.

Grow Client Satisfaction & Referrals

As salon restrictions continue to fluctuate, checking in on clients and ensuring their satisfaction is essential to relationship maintenance. If your salon is currently open and operating, make it a habit to follow up with clients the week after their appointment, either through call, text, or email. The added effort to form a relationship with your client will result in loyalty. Now is a great time to double-check that they still love their results, follow up on home care guidance, product sales, and rebook their next appointment. If you have seen the client for a few sessions consistently, take the time to schedule their appointments for the year. Additionally, consider setting up a referral program with existing clientele to keep your business consistent and growing. Even in the digital age, word of mouth is still the most effective marketing tool to build your business.

Enhance Team Morale

The beginning of the year offers the prospect to start things off right. Your team’s happiness should be at the top of your to-do list. Your salon staff is the backbone of your business. When salon staff is happy, they’re more excited to come to work, more apt to help one another out, and foster a healthy, productive workday. Consider writing a personalized note to each team member, finding useful gifts, or hosting a Zoom party to congratulate them on their work so far and inspire them for the new year to come. A little appreciation can go a long way when it comes to team morale, especially after a trying year.

Need further inspiration?

In case you missed it, watch Keune Academy Live ‘Straight Talk: Behind the Chair in 2021’ with VP of Education Jessica Mills and Shop Talk author and podcast host Chris Sulimay. The pair touch and go in-depth on the topics outlined in this post. While we may think we’ve heard it all before, a fresh take on known techniques is all the more relevant in this new era.

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