Obsessed with Dry Shampoo? This Is What You Need Next

By | January 8th, 2021

Do you consider yourself a dry shampoo expert? What do you know about dry conditioner?

The ability to stretch a style from day one to day two (and sometimes three) has become somewhat an art. One that, with the help of dry shampoo, has simplified over the years. While the case for dry shampoo is most often out of convenience, it also prolongs the time between washes, cuts down on unnecessary damage, and saves water. Dry shampoo is the perfect quick fix. However, sometimes your style needs another helping hand, which is where Style Dry Conditioner comes in.

What it is:

Keune formulated Style Dry Conditioner to add shine to second-day locks while imparting condition to revitalize your style. Pair with Keune Style Dry Shampoo for a foolproof finish or use on its own. Made with the same refreshing properties as Style Dry Shampoo, the added conditioning benefits leave hair velvety soft and detangled.

When to use it:

When it comes to breathing new life into a second-day style, most spend their time worrying about combating oil and buildup at the roots. Although this is a great place to start, this often leads to neglected mid-lengths and ends and, as a result, a sub-par style. As a rule of thumb, anytime you need to apply dry shampoo to cleanse the roots, use a dry conditioner to vivify your overall style.

Why we love it:

Style Dry Shampoo works by absorbing oil and impurities to reveal a refreshed and voluminous finish. As the perfect counterpart, Style Dry Conditioner lightly conditions hair to ensure soft, detangled, and touchable tresses. In addition to imparting condition, this product helps tame frizz and adds shine.

Additional Options

Keune Style Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner have long been fan-favorites for second-day hair, but when it comes to getting a perfect style, these choices might be just what the stylist ordered!

Style Dry Paste

Like a styling paste and a dry shampoo in one, the Dry Paste revolutionary formula is excellent for shorter hair types that need definition in addition to revitalization. A matte-like finish with a significant amount of hold, Dry Paste creates the perfect bedhead texture without any added residue.


Style Brilliant Gloss Spray

Keep that luminosity going with Brilliant Gloss Spray, a weightless and oil-free spray to add stunning shine and keep hair clean. With a low hold and maximum shine factor, this every-day staple is the essential finishing touch.

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