How To Speed Up Your Blow-Dry In 4 Easy Steps

By | February 1st, 2017

A blow-dry is often a necessary yet can be a tedious part of styling hair. Both stylists and clients can appreciate tactics and tools that get the job done faster. Blow-drying guru and Keune Educator Lindsay Rice says there are four key steps that everyone can do to accomplish this. Here, she sheds light on how to speed up your blow-dry, including her favorite styling products and an expert blow-drying technique that get her clients out of the chair in no time. 

1. Towel Dry

As a first step, towel dry the hair. “Take the towel and tilt your head to either the right or the left side. Cup the hair with the towel and squeeze. Repeat the action on the opposite side. Be sure to flip the hair over to squeeze the water out from underneath the main body of the hair,” recommends Lindsay.

Next, she suggests wearing a towel turban for a few minutes to absorb any excess unwanted water before blowing out the hair. “Having less water in the hair strands will help to reduce your styling time,” she says.

2. Apply Products

After it’s been towel dried, apply helpful products. “I am a huge fan of Keune Care Line 2-Phase Spray on wet hair as well as Keune Design Thickening Cream. Layering these two products all over helps to add a hydrophobic quality to the hair. The hair prefers the nutrition of the liquid tools over the water molecules, which forces water beads out. This action works to speed up your blow-dry,” Lindsay explains. 

3. Start The Blowdryer 

“I blow dry hair until it is 90-percent dry,” Lindsay says. “You wouldn’t want to dry the hair 100 percent because you need a slight amount of dampness in the hair for product to be easily manipulated.” She runs an Ergo Paddle Brush through the strands to help get hair to that 90-percent mark.

speed up your blow-dry

4. Style Hair

To do this, Lindsay prefers using an Ergo Round Brush. “The key to a quick blowout is sectioning the hair and having good brushes. Once you get comfortable utilizing sectioning clips and become more familiar handling the Ergo brushes, you’ll speed up your blow-dry and blowouts become effortless and long-lasting,” Lindsay explains.

She uses about three to four sectioning clips to clip the hair at the crown of the head. “You will be left with loose hair at the bottom of the head. Using your Ergo Styling Round Brush, begin to style the bottom half of the hair. This particular brush has an extremely comfortable grip and a longer length offering maximum control while styling.”

Once the hair below the crown is dry, release in one-inch sections at a time, starting at the back. Working from back to front, elevate the hair using the round brush to create maximum volume. Once a section is dry, unroll the brush to maintain buoyancy of each curl and move on to the next section. It should take three to four sections to complete the top. 

After all of the hair is dry, mist with Keune Design Mineral Hairspray. 

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