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As part of his process, King collaborated with artist-illustrators to give the collection the impact needed to make a big impression for Keune throughout North America. After creating the collection, he trained a team of 28 Keune BLEND educators to launch the collection, coaching each person individually. He even led the kick-off BLEND Tour in Chicago, along with Alicia Dixon.

 “Creating the collection was so much fun,” says King. “I looked everywhere for inspiration, from walking around Brooklyn to virtually visiting Paris, London and Tokyo online. I asked myself, ‘What would bring these looks together and make them powerful, strong and loud?’ The answer that spoke to me was the millennial voice. The BLEND looks had to speak to the millennials, while appealing to clients of all ages. I also wanted to create looks that stylists would enjoy learning, that included new techniques, that were trend-worthy and that were fun for stylists and clients.”

While traveling in Boston, King and a friend stopped into a lounge that featured a mixologist and didn’t have a menu. The bartender asked how they were feeling today, what flavors they enjoyed and what notes they preferred. Then, he mixed them customized drinks. That experience inspired King to take a similar approach when creating the BLEND cuts. To give each a different flavor, he worked with an illustrator to document the technique and to create avatars, reminiscent of “Jem and the Holograms,” a cartoon from the ’80s that featured the first cool, all-girl rock band.

The BLEND Tour is traveling North America through April. Contact a local distributor for remaining dates and locations. 

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